Actress Dina Merrill, who is currently appearing in the ANTA -- Kennedy Center production of "On Your Toes," has been traveling since she was a child. She loves cities -- particularly London, or any place where she has friends to visit. But her real passion is reserved for travels which take her outdoors to places like the Monterey peninsula, St. Anton and Bali. An avid skier, tennis player, and golfer, she counts these other places as some of her favorites:

Galapagos Islands: I went there when I was about 8 years old; it's a trip I remember very fondly, and would love to do again. The islands are lava islands, and not really beautiful, but you could go right up to animals -- huge turtles, wild goats -- and pat them. It was absolute paradise.

Vail: I love it. I've been going there since the time that it opened in the early sixties. It was a planned village, created like a little Swiss village. It's adorable, a wonderful place to take your kids; they can be turned loose and not get into trouble. My kids went to a casino-like Western saloon for hot chocolate and dancing. Many times we go out there at Christmas -- we did last year.

The Isle of Pines, near New Caledonia: It's a French island with spectacular underwater activities -- snorkeling, diving, marvelous fish, a funny kind of glowing coral, and lots of shallow water. We stayed in a wonderful grass shack hotel.

Santa Fe: I had my family with me in Santa Fe when I was working in "Running Wild." We rented a little house on a ranch. Whenever I had a bit of time off from the set, we'd go into town, or poke around the little Indian villages.