A vacation for someone in the theater says Tony Award-winning actress Colleen Dewhurst, "means we're out of luck," so her travels generally are the result of a stage or movie role. "If they don't take you there on a set, you don't get there."

As she tells it, she is so eager to travel, it has become a joke among her friends: If a producer tells her she has to be on a plane the next day, she goes without even bothering to read the script. Working on site, she says has advantages over being a tourist. "You meet more people. You see so much more. You feel a part of the community. It's wonderful."

Her "grand desire in life," says Dewhurst, who currently is appearing at the Kennedy Center as the Grand Duchess Olga in "You Can't Take It With You," is "to have a shack or a very Victorian house leaning over the rocks" along a seacoast. That's why her favorite destinations -- visited or yet to be visited -- tend to have an ocean in the neighborhood.

* Block Island (a summer resort off the coast of Rhode Island): "I love it. It's really an incredible island, free from development and free from parties. I don't think anybody goes there to be chic."

* The southern coast of Australia: "It's very isolated, with beaches like I've never seen. There's fine combination of spouting rocks and sand. I was doing a film about 12 years ago. It was supposed to look like the islands off the coast of Ireland.

* Prince Edward Island (Canada): "It's beautiful. I have a house there but I haven't been able to get up there for five years."

* The coast of Maine: For the rocks and the beaches and the solitide, in particular Parson's Beach near Kennebunkport.

* Three yet-unvisited seacoasts friends have told her about: a tiny island off the southeastern coast of India, where the homes sit on the sand and life is little changed from the past ("I'd like to find that."); a beach on the west coast of Africa (Does she know the name? "I haven't even got the name of the country."); and the coast of Scotland ("I've seen a lot of pictures.").