Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) is naturally partial to some of Pennsylvania's vacation spots. Two of his favorites:

* "The Shawnee Inn at Shawnee on the Delaware, which is right outside of Stroudsburg in Monroe County. It was owned for years by bandleader Fred Waring. The property has a magnificent view of the Delaware River."

* "Seven Springs, a lovely resort in southwestern Pennsylvania with a great golf course--a game I used to play--beautiful trees and greenery."

Other special areas that have caught his fancy over the years:

* Long Beach Island, N.J. "For years my family and I have taken the last week in August at the seashore . . . I sit on the beach, read, and have a Dairy Queen every night."

* Palau. "In 1972, my wife and I went to Micronesia in the South Pacific on behalf of the Peace Corps . . . I was a member of the national advisory council. We visited a number of islands including Palau, the most breathtaking place I've ever seen."

* Brazil. "A month ago I took a trip with the Treasury Department to see the effect of International Monetary Fund activity on the Brazilian economy. We stopped en route for two hours at the waterfall at Iguassu Falls. It was about two and a half miles of the most spectacular scenery. We took a walk on a jutting catwalk over the falls and there was a fine spray which totally soaked us. It was worth it."

The senator, who maintains a home in Philadelphia, does not own any vacation property, "unless you consider my condo in Georgetown a vacation spot."