Harry J. Lesko, president of Trailways Inc. of Dallas, has been in the bus business for 42 years (38 of them with Greyhound) and, he says, he still loves riding the bus. In years past, when he was a field officer, he did all of his traveling by bus, in part to keep an eye on operations. But nowadays, when he's on vacation from his home in Dallas, he opts for driving so he and his wife can see the sights along the way.

A golfer, his favorite destinations, after a lifetime of living and visiting all over the country, are concentrated in the Southwest where he can enjoy "the sun, the low humidity and the opportunity to spend time out-of-doors 365 days a year." Among them:

Padre Island (near Brownsville, Texas): "There's a stretch of virgin beach that runs 100 miles. It's a developing area with a relaxing atmosphere. I think it will become a major attraction in years to come."

Phoenix: For the resorts. "I particularly like Scottsdale in the Phoenix area. The climate is desirable at any time."

Dallas and Fort Worth: "There's so much to see in the area; it's an interesting place to take a ride. Dallas is a thriving city. In Tyler, Texas, there are the roses. Fort Worth is the 'Gateway to the West,' with stockyards and Western shows."

San Diego: "It's very pleasant any time of year. I love the water, the water activity, sailing and boating--if someone else is doing the driving."