Comedians Tom and Dick Smothers, who are appearing tonight at Wolf Trap, are tired of life on the road after almost 25 years in show business. The brothers travel about eight months of the year, so when vacation time rolls around they prefer to stick close to their California homes, their families and wine businesses. But they still have their favorite places.

Dick, 44, who lives in Santa Cruz, picks two in his home state:

* San Francisco: "It's incredible that God made such a wonderful piece of property. I* like the Mayor Feinstein; she's neat and not afraid to be different."

* Lake Tahoe: " . . . one of the f the entire world. It's only about four hours from home; I love it there."

Dick dreams of "chartering a 150sailing to all the islands in the Caribbean with a lot of people. I would go to the little off-the-path placesre, hike around or just sail the boat."

Tom, 46, lives in Sonoma Valley of the Moons. His favorite spots--alrnia--include:

* Sonoma Valley of the Moon: "When we're on the road you get crazy from running around fast a sleep. I generally like to stay home on vacation at my ranch. It's about 100 acres with rolling hills and mouhe vineyard is nestled in the hills about 700-800 feet above sea level. We have rock walls, a pond with ducks of barns."

* Sausalito: "It's just too cute--like a small New England town. It has great boating and shops. minds me of a picture of one of those old Northeastern sea coastal towns."

* Glen Ellen and Kenwood: "These are small rural towns with a f about 5,000 to 6,000 people. There are two bars and two restaurants . . . a real undeveloped area with a lot of campgrounds. My favorite author, Jack London, spent his final days as a writer there and that means a lot to me."