Eugene Fodor, founder of Fodor's Travel Guides, has visited more than 130 countries in the 50 years he has written and edited his guidebooks. In that time he has known many islands, and he chooses to go to them when he is seeking a vacation "primarily for a complete escape with some physical exercise." Three of his favorites are:

* "Huahine, one of the French Polynesian out-islands. It's less than a one-hour flight from Tahiti. Very, very Polynesian--much more so than other, more-touristed Society Islands. Curiously enough, one reason why this is so is a hotel called Bali Hai, which is part of a small chain of four hotels run by a group of Americans who completely adjusted to the lifestyle.

* "Young Island in the Caribbean, a satellite of St. Vincent. It's a very remarkable tiny place. Personally I have a predilection for small islands. I like skin diving and complete rest. There is only one hotel, run very well. This is an ideal base for sailing and skin diving in the Grenadines where the fishing and snorkeling are just about the best in the world.

* "Corfu, a rather different and much larger island in the Mediterranean. Corfu is very different from all the other Greek islands because it's very green. There are quite a large number of hotels both in town and on the beaches. I spend a lot more time on land, exploring . . . very scenic. There are olive groves with trees nearly 1,000 years old, and a casino located in what was formerly a villa owned by Queen Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary. This island is situated between Italy and Greece, so there's very easy access by both sea and air."