Actor Tony Randall loves to travel, and does so often, but like the arts connoisseur that he is, stay in a place and to get to know it."

Randall was asked to name the places he recalls most favorably wheback, relax and enjoy a glass of wine in a superbly lovely setting. He quickly named three:

* Bruges, Belgium: "It's the prettiest spot I've been in my life--small, and quaint and not overwhelming. It has tiny canals like Venice, and tiny little houses covered with ivy that are leaning over the canals. You wonder how people ever lived in them, but they still do--you y hanging out. My hotel had only 11 rooms. Bruges has been preserved from the Middle Ages. Belgian food is thed, even better than French. And you learn to appreciate the Flemish painters. The Memlings alone are worth a ss nothing like Bruges."

* Venice: "Venice is very easy to take. My wife and I are from Oklahoma. We were siside our hotel, the Danieli, I believe. It was a cocktail barge, and we were watching this incredible church, . It comes right up out of the water. My wife reverted to her Oklahoma past. She said: 'Here is little ol' me on a barge and drinking my aperitif.' "

* Perugia, Italy: "There are a lot of hill towns in Umbria betweens sit on top of the hills. To reach them, you must pass through Roman walls and enter first a medieval town antown--all three ages. There's a bit of history in every cobblestone. You sit in the best hotel, usually a former palace that is situated very well, and look out over the walls. The crisscross of farmers plowing painting of the Umbrian masters, such as Perugino. You think the trees in their paintings are just a fantasy,trees look like. They are so dainty. It's breathtaking."