Champion professional golfer Tom Watson says he has vacationed only 10 days since turning pro 12 years ago. Yet playing the professional circuit has taken him to some of the most beautiful and famous golf courses in the world--from the coast of Ireland to the coast of California.

Among these, his favorite places and courses to play are:

* Bally Bunion, Ireland: "This is a great golf course off the west coast of Ireland. It has a natural beauty that stretches right along the ocean. The dunes there are characteristic of the Links Land (where golf was invented)--it's a pretty difficult course. The first hole is called the Graveyard Hole because there's a graveyard to the right. You don't want to hit the ball in there."

* St. Andrews, Scotland: "The birthplace of golf is here. St. Andrews is a course that every golfer must play in his lifetime. People like Tom Morris, Bobby Jones and Jack Nicklaus played there. It's a very flat, barren type of course. Golfers usually don't like to play there because you can't see where you're going because of its flatness. But, the more you play the more you learn its intricacies and begin to appreciate it."

* Harbor Town Golf Links, Hilton Head, S.C.: "This course makes a player use every club in the bag. The famous 18th hole faces the direction of the lighthouse in the harbor. It's really a unique finish to a great golf course."

* Pebble Beach, Calif.: "Of course, a famous American golf resort and home to the Bing Crosby Pro-Am tournament, among others. The vistas here are beautiful but the course is very difficult. Pebble Beach takes between four and five hours to play."