Washington celebrates the Easter season with egg-rolling on the White House lawn on Easter Monday. Other traditions in the United States and abroad include:

* New York City: The Sunday afternoon display of spring finery "on The Avenue, Fifth Avenue," toasted in Irving Berlin's "Easter Parade."

* Hollywood: Easter Sunrise Services, beginning at 4:30 a.m. in the huge open-air Hollywood Bowl. The nondenominational program, featuring orchestra, chorus and the release of a flock of 200 white doves, draws up to 15,000 spectators.

* Florence, Italy: Fireworks and flowers piled high in an ox-drawn cart at the Duomo are ignited by a dove-shaped rocket, which is launched at the stroke of noon on Sunday from the great cathedral by the Cardinal of Florence.

* Mexico City: Semana Santa, the Holy Week, is a holiday from work for much of the country, marked with parades and spectacles. On Good Friday in the capital, costumed celebrants recreate the Way of the Cross, carrying large and heavy crosses.

* Salzburg, Austria: The annual Music Festival during Easter Week is one of the music world's big events of the year. New opera productions and the Berlin or Vienna philharmonic orchestras conducted by Herbert Von Karajan, who was born in Salzburg.

* Seville, Spain: Stunning religious processions draw throngs to the city's streets throughout Holy Week.

* Old Salem, N.C.: From 2 to 4 a.m. on Easter Sunday morning, brass bands representing 13 Moravian churches in Winston-Salem tour their neighborhoods, announcing the day's arrival and sunrise services, which conclude with a triumphant massed brass-band concert.