Of the eight turf mazes remaining in Britain, three of them are quite easily reached by train and a short hike from London. When traveling by train from London, remember that, as a rule, trains heading south leave from Victoria Station, north from Euston, west from Paddington and east from Liverpool Street Station.

The Cretan maze at Troy Farm in Oxfordshire is the closest to London. To reach it, take the train from Paddington to Lower Heyford, via Oxford. Walk northwest through Upper Heyford on the Somerton Road. The maze can be clearly seen in a field on the left-hand side of the road opposite Troy Farm, about two miles out of the village. This maze is on private property, so please ask at the farm, which is clearly marked, before attempting to walk down to it.

The Saffron Walden miz maze may be reached by taking the train headed for Shoeburyness from Liverpool Street Station. Getting off at Audley End, Essex, go right after leaving the station parking lot, left at the Fighting Cocks pub and right again on the first road. Saffron Walden is a two-mile walk through lovely, rolling farmland. The maze is on the village common near the center of town, and can't be missed. Visits to the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin and the medieval Castle of the de Mandevilles -- both right around the common -- are also highly recommended.

The miz maze at St. Catherine's Hill in Winchester, Hampshire, is in some ways the most unusual of the British turf mazes. First of all it is square, not oval or round like the others; secondly, it sits atop a giant iron-age hill: an earthwork of interest in its own right. To reach this maze, take the train from Paddington or Euston Station to Winchester. At Winchester station, ask directions to the footpath that runs along the river Itchen on the east side of town. Head south along the footpath, following the river. You will see St. Catherine's Hill to your left, less than a mile out of town. Leave the footpath and cross Rte. A33 -- carefully -- and climb the hill. The maze is just to the northeast of the burial mound on the top of the hill.

The other five mazes are less accessible to public transportation. Even with a car, they may require a longish hike. You can get directions from Caerdroia, 53 Thundersley Grove, Thundersley, Benfleet, Essex; phone: South Benfleet, 03745-51915.