The world is full of fairy-tale cities and palaces, where make-believe characters would find themselves quite at home, perhaps even living happily ever after. Among them:

*Odense, Denmark: This ancient city on the island of Funen was the birthplace of storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. You won't wander far for scenes that might easily have inspired him.

*The Grand Palace, Bangkok: It's a fabulous walled city in the heart of Bangkok, a place of golden spires, dazzling temples and exotic statues dressed in brilliant colors -- an ideal setting for any tale of Oriental splendor.

*Madurodam, The Hague: A pint-sized Dutch city, built carefully to a scale of 1/25th actual size, Madurodam seems the perfect home for the little people of literature. Two miles of paths lead past tiny houses where the lights twinkle and the streets bustle with miniature cars scurrying on an endless journey.

*The Alhambra, Granada: This elaborate Moorish palace in the south of Spain -- pink walls, beautifully carved columns and lovely patios -- is right out of "Arabian Nights."

*Aeroskobing, Denmark: A fairy-tale village of cobbled streets, colorful half-timbered houses and delightful pastry shops on the fairy-tale island of Aero. The swans gliding on the lake, you suspect, are descendants of Andersen's "Ugly Duckling."

*Topkapi, Istanbul: The marvelous high-walled palace of the Ottoman sultans offers glimpses of imperial life, both fascinating (the harem garden) and frightening (the Executioner's Fountain).

*Ludwig II's Castle of Neuschwanstein, Bavaria: Some visitors say it resembles a Disneyland creation, but Neuschwanstein preceded the Magic Kingdom by almost a century. Surely, however, its grand towers and spectacular mountain setting make it the fairy-tale castle of anyone's imagination.