GETTING THERE: Jutland is one of the three major sections of Denmark. (The others are the islands of Fyn and Sjaelland.) Jutland is the only one of the three connected by land to continental Europe, and it can be reached by car or train from Hamburg.

You can also get close to various sections of Haervejen by air, flying from Copenhagen to Aarhus, Esbjerg, Skrydstrup or Billund on Danair (Scandinavian Airlines handles reservations).

GETTING AROUND: You must have your own transportation to travel on Haervejen, since at present there are no motorized tours along the route or any form of public transportation. Cars and bicycles can be rented in many nearby towns. At least one tour operator, Danish Bicycle Holidays, offers a package, "The Old Army Road," for individuals or groups. For details see a travel agent or contact the operator c/o Dantourist, Hulgade 21, DK-5700, Svendborg, phone 9-21-07-41.

For information on the annual week-long march along the road, contact Haervejsmarchens Sekretariat, Nytorv 5, DK 8800 Viborg, Denmark. It's wise to plan in advance for this, since it averages 11,000 participants.

If you travel the road on your own, it can be visited in sections; one unpaved stretch or another is sufficient to give an idea of what the old-time way was like. However, allow at least two days for a thorough exploration.

WHERE TO STAY: Hotel accommodations can be found in Viborg and in most other cities in the area; there are a number of small provincial towns only a few miles off the route. However, to really get the feel of the area, try one of the inns along the way. (The Danish Tourist Board publishes a brochure of recommended ones.) They are generally clean and comfortable, though without frills, with rates starting at around $25 double. Or try private accommodations -- there are many in this area and some also include breakfast for $25 a night double. Local tourist offices en route have lists of such accommodations.

INFORMATION: The Danish Tourist Board, 655 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017, (212) 949-2333, has maps for Central and Southern Jutland indicating sections of Haervejen. However, once in Denmark, the best source of information is Susanne Sloth of the Give Tourist Bureau, 5 Torvet, DK 7323 Give, phone 5-73-51-41.