Looking for a special jaunt? Hire the Concorde and take a few friends to London. British Airways will indeed charter the Concorde for any such special groups. The price? Just $140,000, New York to London. You want to come back, too? That's another $140,000.

Much of the Concorde's future depends on its charter business and its appeal to special groups. Groups have been organized to view Halley's Comet. Businesses have put together incentive groups. Travel agents have organized round-the-world Concorde trips that can be purchased for a mere $30,000 per person. Honeymoon couples have tried to book the entire plane for a wedding trip. And, not long ago, when a pizza parlor mogul from Omaha sold his business, he chartered an entire Concorde to take his 99 best friends to London.

Both Air France and British Airways operate the Concorde on a charter basis for groups and also offer use of the aircraft for certain special packages. (Information is available from a travel agent.) Among those packages:

*Air France operates a three-day tour to Paris that includes the flight, hotels and transfers for $3,450 per person. (This is available only for groups, not individuals, however.)

*One of several round-the-world Concorde trips available in 1987 will be on a British Airways Concorde, March 5 to March 24. Packaged by Goodwood Travel of Canterbury, England, it will cost $24,995 per person, double occupancy (but that includes hotels, meals, the works). Leaving from New York, the trip includes stops in London, Moscow, Cairo, New Delhi, Peking, Guam, Honolulu, Mexico and Barbados. Goodwood has tentative plans for a similar journey, on an Air France Concorde, beginning April 12 in London.

*Another round-the-world trip, on a British Airways Concorde, will run Oct. 16 through Nov. 1. You travel London to New Orleans to San Francisco to Hawaii to Shanghai to Peking to Bangkok to Sri Lanka to the Maldive Islands and back to London. It's about $20,000 per person, including hotels and all the champagne you can drink on board.

*Another way to experience the Concorde is in conjunction with the Cunard Line's five-day transatlantic sailings of the QE2 this year. The program is billed as the "SS -- ST" (Superliner/Supersonic -- Shuttle Travel). QE2's rates between London and New York begin at $1,155 per person, double occupancy, and this includes a free British Airways economy-class one-way ticket to or from London. For an additional $699,

QE2 passengers can upgrade their airline ticket to the Concorde.