Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the big names in casino gambling in the United States, but they are not the only places you can go for legal table action, whether within the country or not far from its shores. Among the possibilities: North Dakota: Probably the least well-known of the nation's gambling centers, the Northern Plains state is home to more than 300 licensed casinos -- but the only game is blackjack. By law, the casinos must be run by charities, although they can be operated out of hotel and motel lounges. One good choice is the popular Doubletree Inn in the city of Fargo on the Minnesota border. Lake Tahoe: This beautiful pine-ringed lake in the High Sierras is very popular with Northern Californians, who by day enjoy the water sports (summer) and downhill skiing (winter) and at night step across the state line at Stateline to play the big casinos on Nevada's south shore. Beware, at this time of year the night sky is lovely, and you may be tempted from the tables to sit beside the lake and dream. Nassau: The Bahamas, a 400-mile archipelago, begins just 40 miles off the shore of Florida, which means a quick trip to the capital of Nassau and the casino at Paradise Island. Almost any time of the year -- except a few days in deep winter -- you can nap on the beach by day and try your luck at night. Aboard a Caribbean cruise ship: The activity schedule is so full you might miss the casino in a frenzy to take in a show and the midnight buffet, but on most ships the tables and slot machines are open evenings while the ship is at sea. Consider a three- or four-day weekend cruise out of Miami. Reno: It's much older than Las Vegas, with a frontier mining history, and a bit more subdued, too. A big plus in summer is that it is located in pleasant mountain foothills, which makes for cooler days and nights than you will get in the desert around Las Vegas. Puerto Rico: It would be a shame to travel to this lovely Caribbean island with its Spanish flavor and spend all your time indoors. But for an evening's recreation, you will find casinos at some of the gleaming beach hotels in and near San Juan.