GETTING THERE: Maastricht is an easy hour's drive from Cologne, Brussels or Antwerp. From Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague, figure 2 1/2 hours, depending on traffic. There are also frequent and fast train connections from any of those cities. WHERE TO STAY: Maastricht has a number of hotels to choose from. The following offer breakfast but no other meals. Unless otherwise indicated, rates are for double rooms.

Du Casque, 52 Vritjhof: $74 to $88.

L'Empereur, 2 Stationsstraat: $67 to $95.

Beaumont, 2 Wijcker Brugstraat: $55 to $65.

Old Hickory, 372 Meersenerweg: $55 to $60. WHERE TO EAT: Maastricht is a gourmet's paradise, with a profusion of elegant restaurants serving food in the French-Belgian tradition. Germany and Holland seem far away! Prices below are for dinner for two, without wine or drinks.

Chateau Neercanne, 800 Cannerweg (about three miles south of the city center, in a 17th-century manor house): $70.

Au Coins des Bons Enfants, 4 Ezelmarkt: $75.

Old Hickory, 372 Meersenerweg: $60.

Jean la Brouche, 9 Tongersestraat: $57.

Le Bon Port, 23 Tongersestraat: $55.

Le Bon Vivant, 91 Capucijnenstraat: $55.

L'Escale, 19 Havenstraat: $55. INFORMATION: Contact the Netherlands National Tourist Office, 355 Lexington Ave., 21st floor, New York, N.Y. 10017, (212) 370-7360. In Maastricht, the tourist office -- in Het Dinghuis, 1 Kleine Staat -- is open daily, Mondays through Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.