1. Nevertire, New South Wales. A century-old wooden pub that is the gateway to days of outback driving. Stop for a beer and "a yarn" about how the town got its stoic-sounding name. 2. Tattersall's Hotel in Barringun, New South Wales. This pub, at the New South Wales/Queensland border, has one of the odder bar games. Drinkers pin dollar notes on tacks and toss them at the ceiling. Whatever sticks is given to charity. 3. Blue Heeler Hotel in Kynuna, Queensland. Some of the outback's finest wall art. 4. Barrow Creek Hotel in the Northern Territory. The Louvre of outback pubs, and the place to meet some of the outback's strangest characters. 5. Whim Creek in Western Australia. A stately wooden pub from the 19th century that was built overseas and headed by ship to the town of Cossack. A storm blew the ship off course and the pub landed at Whim Creek, where it still stands. An outstanding zoo outside. 6. Sandfire Flats in Western Australia. One of Australia's most remote pubs, and one of the outback's oddest charities, the Sleazy Sleeveless Shirt Club. 7. The Beachfront Hotel in Darwin. The Northern Territory's most heroic drinkers gather here every Sunday and drink til they drop.