Designs on Cardin

Even the fashion unconscious could probably name at least one fashion designer: Pierre Cardin. Whether it is because of his innovative designs or to aggressive licensing -- he may have left his mark on a lot of what you own -- is a question to answer yourself at the Victoria & Albert Museum's retrospective in London (through Jan. 6). "Pierre Cardin: Past, Present and Future," in the Twentieth Century Gallery, is the venerable museum's first show of a living couturier's work.

Aside from filling our closets with his logo for the past four decades, back in the '60s Cardin was already showing catsuits and jumpsuits, tunic tops over leggings, space age clothes, bicycle shorts, bustiers and breastplates -- everything that's hot in fashion now. And who could forget those collarless suits he did for the Beatles? For more information, call the V&A, 011-44-71-938-8441 (a recording) or 011-44-71-938-8500. Cinema Chez Vous

Whenever I start pining for Paris or vacation in Venice is still months away, I just invite Federico Fellini or Louis Malle over. You can order in a little Europe, too, whenever you want it, from Home Film Festival -- video rentals-by-phone, with more than 1,200 titles, more than half of them foreign films.

Dan Jury started Home Film Festival in 1984 because he couldn't find foreign films in Scranton, Pa., at the local theater or video shop. Membership costs $25 a year ($10 thereafter), and videos rent for three days -- $5 for one tape, $4 each for each additional video, plus shipping. (Round-trip postage to Washington runs $2.75 to $3.30 for up to three videos.) Call 800-258-3456. Passing East

Western Europe has its ubiquitous Eurailpass, and now the European East Pass will soon provide unlimited first-class rail travel on the national railroads of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland. With the advent of the East Pass, come Jan. 1, you can travel by rail pass all the way from the Atlantic coast to the border between Poland and the U.S.S.R. A pass for five individual travel days in a 15-day period costs $160, and one for 10 days of travel within one month costs $259. For information: 800-345-1990.


How many time zones are there worldwide? ANSWER BELOW


Recent warnings from the State Department include:

Bangladesh. Defer all travel here, due to communal violence, strikes and threats of civil disorder. A state of emergency has been declared, a curfew is in effect and travel within metropolitan areas is problematic.

Philippines. Threats to U.S. citizens in the Philippines continue, and are heightened especially when the Philippine-U.S. base negotiations are going on. Most major tourist destinations have been relatively unaffected, though there have been recent incidents of bombings in the Manila metropolitan area. For areas to be avoided, or where special care must be taken, consult the U.S. embassy in Manila or the consulate in Cebu.

Rwanda. Defer all travel to Rwanda until further notice. Because of recent hostilities with Rwandan exiles from Uganda, there has been fighting in Kigali and a government curfew has been imposed.

For details, and the most current information, contact the State Department's Citizens Emergency Center, 202-647-5225.