Honeymoon From Hell: Week 2

Okay, newlyweds, your little romp in the mountains was nothing. Now it's time to test you in the war zone -- literally. We don't care if you're feeling nauseated, we're parachuting you into the northern zone of one of the few countries that wasn't recently balkanized, but whose people are making headlines through their suffering in neighboring lands. By now you are barely speaking to each other as you set up your tent smack in the middle of this northern zone, complete with a view of the forbidding national alps to the north. And it is here, in a small mountain town, that you finally lose it. Survival -- or at least clean shoes -- has long ago replaced romance in this Extreme Honeymoon.

So what's the name of the town you're in?

Got the answer? Write it down and hold on to it; this is Week 2 of a four-week contest, and entries will be accepted only after the final clue is published on Sunday, June 20. Partial entries will be disqualified. The deadline for entries is midnight, June 26. Send entries by e-mail (travel@washpost.com; put the words "Extreme Trivia" in the subject field); U.S. mail (Washington Post Travel section, Extreme Trivia, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071); or fax (202-334-1069). Winners will be selected at random from among all correct entries. One entry per person per contest. All published clues and contest rules are available on the Travel section's Web page; go to http://www.washingtonpost.com and choose Travel from the column on the left.