Honeymoon From Hell: Week 3

By now, you and your mate are not only not speaking, but you can't stand the sight -- or smell -- of each other. Too bad -- it's out of the hot zone and on to a chillier clime to test your marital mettle. Back home, you head straight for the largest territory of your northern neighbor. There, you will be tested on the northern continental coast, before the country scatters into many islands. Your destination is northeast of an enormous lake -- whose name you have borrowed to refer to your once beloved, now growling spouse. In keeping with your feeling of being royally bushed, it seems you can't escape this country's colonial past, as you view a large regal island from your crowning perch on the gulf. But the perch is slippery and -- mon dieu! -- the two of you suddenly go head over heels, though not in love this time. You land in a sanguinary mess. A small set of lakes just to the southwest mocks your mood.

So what's the name of the fall?

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