Turkey, Cont'd.

REGARDING YOUR May 23 Message Center update on travel to Turkey, I have just returned from a week in Istanbul and the Aegean coast. It was the most relaxing and interesting week of leisure travel in my life. The Turks couldn't be more hospitable and accommodating. While media coverage of the Ocalan trial and the war in Yugoslavia was headline news in Turkey, the government and police took responsible security measures at all major tourist destinations.

Americans will find Turks to be gracious and helpful. The culture and magic of Istanbul and the coastal region, among other areas, is not to be missed. Tourists will also find their bargaining power for major purchases (especially beautiful Turkish carpets) to be optimal, as several merchants indicated their business is off as much as 60 percent.

Everyone should travel to Turkey when they feel most comfortable, but I would say go and enjoy, be aware of your surroundings and bring home cherished memories.

Lyle Vaughan

Chevy Chase

Hawaii: Due South

A GLARING inaccuracy appeared in The Post when you described Key West as "the country's southernmost city" ["Got Plans?," April 4]. No, it is not.

The state of Hawaii is the southernmost state in the United States. The city of Honolulu (21 degrees north latitude) is south of Key West. Other towns in Hawaii are south of Honolulu.

Please. There is no excuse for a writer not to know this geographical fact.

Dale Anderson Kaspari



WHEN YOU'RE online with Amtrak and you have trouble with their system, jump over to "contact us" and let them have it [Worldwise, May 16]. I agree that entering your life history before you can get a price quote, and then being told that the system is down, is a pain. Maybe everybody should drop them a line at www.amtrak.com.

Arne Munk Pedersen

Fort Valley, Va.

Motion Sickness

WE LAUGHED out loud with your motion sickness article ["The Word On . . . Motion Sickness," May 2]. Many thanks. If you want to add another remedy to the files, note that ginger-content foodstuffs can sometimes calm a queasy stomach. Some boat captains in Hawaii serve their snorkeling and scuba-diving guests ginger snap cookies to calm their stomachs on the rough rides to dive sites. I found more success from tiny tablets called St. Claire's Organic Ginger Snaps, which are sold as candies in small tins at many health-food stores.

For a future interview, what about altitude sickness? I'd be fascinated to know why some people don't have trouble with it and whether anyone has come up with some remedies that work.

T.K. Coxe


Shopping Champs

IN HIS entertaining Fast Track contribution ["Sacre Blur! Paris in a Moment," May 9], Brett Lieberman perpetuates a long-standing myth: that the premier shopping area in Paris is "along the Champs-Elysees." The best shopping is off Champs-Elysees. A few minutes off that famed boulevard--that's where the real "budget-killer" stores are.

Wes Pedersen

Chevy Chase

Magic Oanda

IN JANUARY, you ran a letter in Message Center that mentioned www.oanda.com and its cheat sheet for travelers. What a fabulous resource! I have made two overseas trips in the past few months and both times took a cheat sheet with me. The rates were current for our trip and it made life a lot easier. I wouldn't travel again without one. Bravo, Travel section!

Deborah Benigni


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