It's Week 4, meaning, of course, that it's time for you to give us "Hell." So, gather the clues and assemble the answers. (Questions? Consult the tiny type below.) As always, besides receiving the coveted pile o' promotional junk and a Travel mug, winners' photos appear on our pages.

Honeymoon From Hell: Week 4

You may be battered and broken from your last Honeymoon adventure, but at least you don't have to leave the territory to pass your next and final test. You've come this far, but will your marriage survive? You just need to drag yourselves southwest, down and around the lake that reminds you of your mate in a bad mood and crawl west toward the border of a neighboring territory. Once again you face a terrible mountain, and the name of the range reminds you of your aching spine. It is here that you seek a river; it will be either your salvation or your undoing. Suddenly there is a great shattering sound and then everything goes dark. Flash forward to the hospital, where one of you looks like a body double for "The Mummy." You're still married, but what happened? Did you really slip on that wet rock as your spouse insists, or . . . who knows?

So what's the name of the river?

This four-week contest began May 30; to win, send in your answers to Weeks 1 through 4. The deadline for entries, which should consist of all four answers in the "Honeymoon From Hell" contest, is midnight, June 26. Partial entries will be disqualified. Send entries by e-mail (; put the words "Extreme Trivia" in the subject field); U.S. mail (Washington Post Travel section, Extreme Trivia, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071); or fax (202-334-1069). Winners will be selected at random from among all correct entries. One entry per person per contest. Employees of The Washington Post are ineligible to win prizes. Entries become property of The Washington Post, which may edit, publish, distribute and republish the information in any form, including paper and electronic media. All published clues and contest rules are available on the Travel section's Web page; go to and choose Travel from the column on the left. Or write us at the address above for a complete copy of the rules.