Like truth itself, our weekly Travel Tips are often stranger than fiction.

Or so it would appear from the results of our Travel Tip 100 Contest, in which we put forth a list of 10 Travel Tips of suspect value and taste, seven of which we'd actually published on these pages and three of which we just made up. Two hundred ten readers took up the challenge to identify the bogus three. A solid majority of entrants--132 of them--failed.

How to interpret such results? The crude view would question our judgment for publishing so many questionable tips in the first place. A more liberal view, ours in fact, would be that, in these high-stress times, even the most crass and selfish acts can sometimes be useful on the road.

In any event, the three bogus tips were Nos. 3 (pack a foldable crutch so you can pre-board with the disabled), 7 (tape passports and other documents to your inner thigh with duct tape) and 8 (ease airport unloading by putting a portable flashing red light on the roof of your car). Which means, heaven help us all, that the rest were in fact published on these pages. Please don't send us nasty letters all over again. Instead, send us more good and novel and useful travel tips so we won't have to sink so low in the future.

And say congratulations to our winner, Charlotte Girhard of Severna Park, whose entry was selected at random from among the 78 correct ones. She wins our Travel Trinket Trifecta: a T-shirt, a paperweight and a mug, all proudly emblazoned with the Travel section logo.