Like a caterpillar retreating into its cocoon -- or a hideous alien life form withdrawing into its pod -- Extreme Travel Trivia is preparing for transformation. After the contest whose final clue appears today, ETT will disappear until autumn, gathering its energies, pondering its fate and receiving a complementary spa package, including deep-tissue body work, a program of daily colonics and a full brain smear.

When it re-emerges in the fall, it will still be Extreme Travel Trivia. You will still love it. You will still hate it. You will still be baffled by it. But trust us: You will never recognize it.

First Lady's World Tour: Week 4

Speaking of home, the first lady's final continental swing at least appears to take her south of her recently proclaimed home, to a country whose magnificent monuments testify to an ancient indigenous civilization. Famous mountains, rivers and rain forests grace this country -- and the capital city, nestled on the western coast, makes the first lady more determined than ever to ensure her future amounts to more than a hill of beans. But that is just a dream down a shining path, since, on closer inspection, she discovers -- mon dieu! -- that she really has not traveled very far and is now close to a lake named for an explorer, a lake that figures prominently in American wars goneby. Inspired, the first lady again girds herself for battle, ready to take on all comers.

So what's the name of the place the first lady is in?

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