In its continuing quest for the perfect weekend getaway, the Escapes page in Wednesday's Style section has made it to more than 250 destinations around the region since 1994. The modest index that follows lists some of the past year's Escapes features, grouped by state.

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"Washington's Weekendland": Frederick is a place where Civil War lore and B&Bs abound, and the laws of the Beltway no longer apply. (7/14/99)

"Main Street Maryland": Pie la mode and vintage Pepsi signs make Galesville an nearby example of small-town Americana. (6/23/99)

"Chesapeake Bay Excursions": From beach to bay, the Chesapeake offers a multitude of maritime adventures. (6/16/99)

"Elements of Assateague": Assateague Island offers all the elements that make for a good beach vacation. (6/9/99)

"Life Beyond Crab Cakes": The Eastern Shore town of St. Michaels has evolved into a serious epicurean destination. (4/14/99)

"Easton Shuttle": An Eastern Shore town where bygone days have, for one reason or another, not gone by. (12/16/98)

"Out There": Smith Island, Md., isn't all that far away--it's just another world. (9/23/98)


"Heaven on Wheels": Touring the countryside on skates is the perfect way to see Pennsylvania's Amish country. (7/7/99)

"Castles of Bucks County": Exploring philanthropist Henry Chapman Mercer's three theatrical "castles" and the James A. Michener art museum. (4/7/99)

"Pittsburgh's Pop Heart": Visiting the Andy Warhol Museum, the world's largest single-artist museum, in his home town of Pittsburgh. (3/17/99)

"The Tireless Tube": Snow-tubing (at Hidden Valley) offers family fun with a minimum of hassles and expense. (1/27/99)

"One for the Pages": Snooping through a private collection at Philadelphia's Rosenbach Museum and Library. (12/09/98)

"In History's Hoofsteps": Horseback tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield. (10/21/98)

"Back Country: Bedford County, Pa.": Where covered bridges outnumber traffic lights. (9/30/98)


"Charlottesville Education": On a first visit to the historic college town, a couple find themselves contemplating a career in academia. (9/1/99)

"More Skyline, Less Drive": To make the most of your visit to Shenandoah National Park, you have to ditch your car. (7/28/99)

"Orange Appeal": Civil War history, a firehouse converted into a cafe and a world-class marble sculptor create idiosyncratic local charm. (7/21/99)

"Break From the Fast Lane": On Route 55 in Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley is peppered with small towns brimming with Southern character. (6/30/99)

"Holding Forth at Fort Lewis": On 3,200 pristine acres in Bath County, the Fort Lewis Lodge offers Virginia at its most scenic and most friendly. (6/2/99)

"Low and Behold": Shenandoah Caverns has its own interstate exit, post office and a collection of old department store window displays. (5/26/99)

"Richmond's Other Riches": African American heritage comes alive in Virginia's capital city. (5/19/99)

"Virginia's Water Ways": Pedal, paddle or hike your way around the Eastern Shore of Virginia. (5/12/99)

"Jefferson's Other House": Monticello attracted too many guests, so Thomas Jefferson built Poplar Forest, an Italian-style villa near Lynchburg. (3/31/99)

"Where History Took a Dip": Built in 1761, the bathhouse at Jefferson Pools in Warm Springs, Va., is the oldest spa structure in the country. (3/24/99)

"Civil Wares": Taking stock of Fredericksburg's Civil War legacy and an underappreciated 18th-century American artist. (2/24/99)

"Stall Tactics": Middleburg's Goodstone Inn, a stable converted to a bed-and- breakfast. (2/10/99)

West Virginia "For a Goo Time, Call--": With thousands of trees on tap, the Indian Water Maple Co. is out to prove that West Virginia is maple syrup country. (3/10/99)

"Winter, No Discontent": Discover the beauty and solitude of the West Virginia woods in winter. (1/13/99)

"Cheat Thrills": West Virginia's Cheat Mountain Lodge: not your typical B&B. (12/02/98)

"Wonder in the Tundra": West Virginia's Dolly Sods Wilderness of highland plains and peat bogs. (9/16/98)