U.S. State Offices

ALABAMA. Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel, 1-800-252-2262, www.touralabama.org

ALASKA. Alaska Division of Tourism, 907-465-2012, www.dced.state.ak.us/tourism

ARIZONA. Arizona Office of Tourism, 1-800-842-8257, www.arizonaguide.com

ARKANSAS. Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, 1-800-NATURAL (1-800-628-8725), www.arkansas.com

CALIFORNIA. California Division of Tourism, 1-800-862-2543 or 916-322-2881, gocalif.ca.gov

COLORADO. Colorado Travel and Tourism Authority, 1-800-265-6723, www.colorado.com

CONNECTICUT. Connecticut Office of Tourism, 1-800-CTBOUND (1-800-282-6863) or 860-270-8080, www.ctbound.org

DELAWARE. Delaware Tourism Office, 1-800-441-8846, www.state.de.us/tourism

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Washington, D.C., Convention and Visitors Association, 202-789-7000, www.washington.org

FLORIDA. Florida Division of Tourism, 1-888-735-2872, www.flausa.com

GEORGIA. Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism, 1-800-847-4842 (for travel guide) or 404-656-3590, www.georgia.org

HAWAII. Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, 1-800-464-2924 or 808-923-1811, www.gohawaii.com

IDAHO. Idaho Tourism Office, 1-800-635-7820, www.visitid.org

ILLINOIS. Illinois Bureau of Tourism, 1-800-223-0121, www.enjoyillinois.com

INDIANA. Indiana Tourism, 1-800-759-9191, www.indianatourism.com

IOWA. Iowa Division of Tourism, 1-800-345-4692, www.state.ia.us/tourism

KANSAS. Kansas Division of Travel and Tourism, 1-800-252-6727, www.kansascommerce.com

KENTUCKY. Kentucky Department of Travel, 1-800-225-8747 or 502-564-4930, www.kentuckytourism.com

LOUISIANA. Louisiana Office of Tourism, 1-800-334-8626 or 1-800-633-6970 (for brochure), or 1-800-261-9144, www.louisianatravel.com

MAINE. Maine Office of Tourism, 1-800-533-9595, www.visitmaine.com

MARYLAND. Maryland Office of Tourism Development, 1-800-MDISFUN (543-1036), www.mdisfun.org

MASSACHUSETTS. Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, 1-800-447-6277, www.mass-vacation.com

MICHIGAN. Michigan Travel Bureau, 1-800-543-2937, www.michigan.org

MINNESOTA. Minnesota Office of Tourism, 1-800-657-3700, www.exploreminnesota.com

MISSISSIPPI. Mississippi Department of Tourism, 1-800-927-6378, www.visitmississippi.org

MISSOURI. Missouri Division of Tourism, 1-800-877-1234, www.missouritourism.org

MONTANA. Travel Montana, 1-800-VISITMT (541-1447), www.visitmt.com

NEBRASKA. Nebraska Tourism Office, 1-800-228-4307, www.visitnebraska.org

NEVADA. Nevada Tourism Office, 1-800-638-2328, www.travelnevada.com

NEW HAMPSHIRE. New Hampshire Office of Travel and Tourism, 1-800-386-4664, www.visitnh.gov

NEW JERSEY. New Jersey Commerce, Office of Travel and Tourism, 1-800-VISITNJ (847-4865), www.visitnj.org

NEW MEXICO. New Mexico Department of Tourism, 1-800-545-2040, www.newmexico.org

NEW YORK. New York State Division of Tourism, 1-800-CALLNYS (1-800-225-5697). New York Convention and Visitors Bureau, 1-800-NYCVISI (1-800-692-8474), or 212-397-8222 (for New York City literature only) or 212-484-1222, www.iloveny.state.ny.us and www.nycvisit.com

NORTH CAROLINA. North Carolina Division of Travel and Tourism, 1-800-847-4862, www.visitnc.com

NORTH DAKOTA. North Dakota Tourism Office, 1-800-437-2077, www.ndtourism.com

OHIO. Ohio Tourism, 1-800-282-5393, www.ohiotourism.com

OKLAHOMA. Oklahoma Tourism, 1-800-652-6552, www.travelok.com or www.touroklahoma.com

OREGON. Oregon Tourism Commission, 1-800-547-7842, www.traveloregon.com

PENNSYLVANIA. Pennsylvania Tourism, 1-800-847-4872, www.state.pa.us/visit

RHODE ISLAND. Rhode Island Tourism, 1-800-556-2484, www.visitrhodeisland.com

SOUTH CAROLINA. South Carolina Division of Tourism, 1-800-346-3634, www.travelsc.com

SOUTH DAKOTA. South Dakota Tourism, 1-800-732-5682, www.travelsd.com

TENNESSEE. Tennessee Department of Tourism, 1-800-836-6200 or 615-741-2158, www.state.tn.us/tourdev

TEXAS. Texas Department of Commerce, Tourism Division, 1-800-888-8839, www.traveltex.com

UTAH. Utah Travel Council, 1-800-200-1160, www.utah.com

VERMONT. Vermont Department of Tourism, 1-800-837-6668, www.travel-vermont.com

VIRGINIA. Virginia Tourism Corporation, 1-800-847-4882, www.virginia.org

WASHINGTON. Washington State Tourism, 1-800-544-1800 or 360-586-2088, www.tourism.wa.gov

WEST VIRGINIA. West Virginia Tourism, 1-800-225-5982, www.callwva.com

WISCONSIN. Wisconsin Tourism, 1-800-432-8747, www.travelwisconsin.com

WYOMING. Wyoming Tourism, 1-800-225-5996, www.wyomingtourism.org

International Offices

ALBANIA. Embassy of Albania, 202-223-4942, www.albanian.com

ALBERTA. Travel Alberta, 1-800-661-8888, www.explorealberta.com

ANGUILLA. Anguilla Tourist Board, 1-800-553-4939, www.net.ai

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA. Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism, 212-541-4117, www.antigua-barbuda.org

ARGENTINA. Argentina Government Tourist Information, 212-603-0443 or fax inquiries to 212-315-5545, www.sectur.gov.ar/homepage.htm

ARUBA. Aruba Tourism Authority, 1-800-862-7822, www.aruba.com

AUSTRALIA. Australian Tourist Commission, 310-229-4870 or 1-800-369-6863 (for brochure), www.aussie.net.au

AUSTRIA. Austrian National Tourist Office, 212-944-6880, www.anto.com

BAHAMAS. Bahamas Tourist Office, 1-800-422-4262, www.interknowledge.com/bahamas

BARBADOS. Barbados Tourism Authority, 1-800-221-9831, www.barbados.org

BELGIUM. Belgian Tourist Office, 212-758-8130, www.visitbelgium.com

BELIZE. Belize Tourist Board, 1-800-624-0686, www.travelbelize.org

BERMUDA. Bermuda Department of Tourism, 1-800-223-6106, www.bermudatourism.com

BHUTAN. Embassy of Bhutan, 212-826-1919, www.kingdomofbhutan.com

BOLIVIA. Embassy of Bolivia, 202-483-4410

BONAIRE. Bonaire Tourist Office, 1-800-266-2473, www.bonaire.org

BOTSWANA. Embassy of the Republic of Botswana, 202-244-4990

BRAZIL. Brazilian Embassy, 202-238-2828, www.brasilemb.org

BRITISH COLUMBIA. Supernatural British Columbia, 1-800-663-6000, www.tbc.gov.bc.ca

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS. BVI Tourism Board, 212-696-0400 or 1-800-835-8530, www.bviwelcome.com

BULGARIA. Balkan Holidays USA, 1-800-852-0944, www.balkanusa.com

CANADA. There is no main Canadian tourism office; see listings for individual provinces.

CAYMAN ISLANDS. Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, 1-800-346-3313, www.caymanislands.ky

CHILE. Chilean Embassy, 202-785-1746

CHINA. China National Tourist Office, 212-760-8218, www.cnto.org or www.cnta.com

COSTA RICA. Costa Rica National Tourist Bureau,1-800-327-7033, www.tourism-costarica.com

CURACAO. Curacao Tourist Board, 1-800-270-3350, www.curacao-tourism.com

CYPRUS. Cyprus Tourism Organization, 212-683-5280, www.cyprustourism.org

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech Center, 212-288-0830, www.czechcenter.com

DENMARK. Scandinavanian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700, www.goscandinavia.com

DOMINICA. Dominica Tourist Office, 212-949-1711,www.dominica.dm

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Dominican Republic Tourist Office, 1-800-752-1151 or 212-588-1012, www.dominicana.com.do.

ECUADOR. Embassy of Ecuador, 202-234-7200, www.ecuador.org or www.consuladoecuadornj.com

EGYPT. Egyptian Tourist Authority, 212-332-2570, www.touregypt.net

EL SALVADOR. Embassy of El Salvador, 202-265-9671

ESTONIA. Consulate General of the Republic of Estonia, 212-883-0636, www.tourism.ee

EUROPE. European Travel Commission, www.visiteurope.com

FIJI. Fiji Visitors Bureau, 1-800-932-3454, www.bulafiji.com

FINLAND. Scandinavian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700, www.goscandinavia.com

FRANCE. French Government Tourist Office, 410-286-8310, www.francetourism.com

GERMANY. German National Tourist Office, 212-661-7200, www.germany-tourism.de

GREAT BRITAIN. British Tourist Authority, 1-800-462-2748, www.visitbritain.com

GREECE. Greek National Tourist Organization, 212-421-5777

GRENADA. Grenada Board of Tourism, 1-800-927-9554, www.grenada.org

GUATEMALA. Embassy of Guatemala, 202-745-4952

HAITI. Embassy of Haiti, 202-332-4090, www.haiti.org/embassy

HONDURAS. Honduras Tourism Office, 1-800-410-9608, www.hondurasinfo.hn

HONG KONG. Hong Kong Tourist Association, 212-421-3382, www.hkta.org

HUNGARY. Hungarian National Tourist Office, 212-355-0240, www.hungary.com

ICELAND. Scandinavian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700, www.goscandinavia.com

INDIA. Government of India Tourist Office, 212-586-4901, www.tourisminindia.com or www.tourindia.com

INDONESIA. Indonesian Consulate, 213-383-5126

IRELAND. Irish Tourist Board, 1-800-223-6470 or 212-418-0800, www.irelandvacations.com

ISRAEL. Israel Government Tourist Office, 1-800-596-1199, www.goisrael.com

ITALY. Italian Tourist Office, 212-245-4822, www.enit.it

JAMAICA. Jamaica Tourist Board, 1-800-233-4582 or 1-800-JAMAICA (526-2422), www.jamaicatravel.com

JAPAN. Japan National Tourist Organization, 212-757-5640, www.jnto.go.jp

JORDAN. Jordan Tourism Board, 202-244-1451 or 1-877-733-5673, www.jordanembassyus.org

KENYA. Kenya Consulate and Tourist Office, 212-486-1300, www.africanvacation.com/kenya

KOREA. Korea National Tourism Organization, 1-800-868-7567, www.knto.or.kr

KYRGYZSTAN. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan, 202-338-5141, www.kyrgyzstan.org

LATVIA. Embassy of Latvia, 202-726-8213, www.latvia-usa.org

LIECHTENSTEIN. Switzerland Tourism, 212-757-5944, www.switzerlandtourism.com

LITHUANIA. Embassy of Lithuania, 202-234-5860, www.ltembassyus.org

LUXEMBOURG. Luxembourg National Tourist Office, 212-935-8888, www.luxembourg-city.lu

MALAYSIA. Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, 212-754-1113 or 1-800-558-6787, www.visitmalaysia.com

MANITOBA. Travel Manitoba, 1-800-665-0040, www.travelmanitoba.com

MARTINIQUE. French Government Tourist Office, 1-410-286-8310, www.francetourism.com or www.martinique.org

MEXICO. Mexican Government Tourism Office, 1-800-482-9832 or 212-821-0316, mexico-travel.com

MONACO. Monaco Government Tourist Bureau, 1-800-753-9696, www.monaco.mc

MOROCCO. Moroccan National Tourist Office, 212-557-2520, www.tourism-in-morocco.com

NAMIBIA. Namibia Tourism, 1-800-626-4242

NEPAL. Embassy of Nepal, 202-667-4550, www.newweb.net/nepal_embassy.com

NETHERLANDS. Netherlands Board of Tourism, 312-819-0300 or 1-888-464-6552, www.goholland.com

NEW BRUNSWICK. New Brunswick Tourism, 1-800-561-0123, www.tourismnbcanada.com

NEWFOUNDLAND. Tourism Newfoundland and Labrador, 1-800-563-6353, www.gov.nf.ca

NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand Tourism Board, 1-800-388-5494, www.new-zealand2000.com

NORTHERN IRELAND. Northern Ireland Tourist Board, 1-800-326-0036 or 212-922-0101, www.ni-tourism.com

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES. Northwest Territories Arctic Tourism, 1-800-661-0788, www.nwttravel.nt.ca

NORWAY. Scandinavian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700, www.goscandinavia.com

NOVA SCOTIA. Nova Scotia Information Center, 1-800-565-0000 or 207-772-6131, explore.gov.ns.ca

OMAN. Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, 202-387-1980

ONTARIO. Travelinx Ontario, 1-800-668-2746, www.travelinx.com

PAKISTAN. Embassy of Pakistan, Information Division, 202-939-6200

PANAMA. Panama Embassy, 202-483-1407

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Embassy of Papua New Guinea, 202-745-3680, www.pngembassy.org

PERU. Embassy of Peru, Cultural Affairs Office, 202-833-9860 Ext. 314, www.promperu.org or www.lanic.utexas.edu/la/peru

PHILIPPINES. Philippines Department of Tourism, 415-956-4060, www.tourism.gov.ph

POLAND. Orbis, Polish Travel Bureau, 1-800-223-6037 or 212-867-5011, www.orbis-usa.com; Polish National Tourist Office, 212-338-9412, www.polandtour.org

PORTUGAL. Portuguese National Tourist Office, 1-800-767-8842 or 212-354-4403, www.portugal.org

PUERTO RICO. Puerto Rico Tourism Co., 1-800-223-6530 or 212-586-6262, www.prtourism.com or www.meetpuertorico.com

QUEBEC. Quebec Tourism, 1-800-363-7777, www.bonjour-quebec.com

ROMANIA. Romanian Tourist Office, 212-545-8484, www.rezq.com/ronto

RUSSIA. Russian National Group, 212-575-3431, www.russia-travel.com

SABA. Saba Tourist Bureau, 011-599-4-62231, www.turq.com/saba

ST. BARTHELEMY. French Government Tourist Office, 410-286-8310, www.francetourism.com or www.st-barths.com

ST. EUSTATIUS. St. Eustatius Tourist Bureau, 561-394-8580, www.turq.com/statia

ST. KITTS & NEVIS. St. Kitts and Nevis Department of Tourism, 1-800-582-6208 or 212-535-1234, www.stkitts-nevis.com

ST. LUCIA. St. Lucia Tourist Board, 1-800-456-3984 or 212-867-2950, www.st-lucia.com

ST. MAARTEN. St. Maarten Tourist Board, 1-800-786-2278 or 212-953-2084, www.st-maarten.com

ST. MARTIN. French Government Tourist Board, 410-286-8310, www.francetourism.com

ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourist Office, 1-800-729-1726 or 212-687-4981, www.stvincent.com

SASKATCHEWAN. Tourism Saskatchewan, 1-877-237-2273, www.sasktourism.com

SAUDI ARABIA. Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Information Office, 202-342-3800, www.saudiembassy.net

SINGAPORE. Singapore Tourism Board, 212-302-4861, www.singapore-usa.com

SOUTH AFRICA. South African Tourism Board, 1-800-822-5368, www.satour.org

SPAIN. Tourist Office of Spain, 1-888-657-7246 (brochure only) or 212-265-8822, www.okspain.org or www.spaintour.com

SWEDEN. Scandinavian Tourist Board, 212-885-9700, www.goscandinanvia.com

SWITZERLAND. Switzerland Tourism, 212-757-5944, www.switzerlandtourism.com

TAHITI. Tahiti Tourism, 310-414-8484, www.gototahiti.com

THAILAND. Tourism Authority of Thailand, 212-432-0433, www.tat.or.th

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Office, 1-888-595-4TNT (595-4868), www.visittnt.com

TUNISIA. Embassy of Tunisia, 202-862-1850; Tunisian Tourism Office, 202-466-2546, www.tourismtunisia.com

TURKEY. Turkish Tourist Office, 212-687-2194, www.turkey.org

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS. Turks & Caicos Islands Tourism Office, 1-800-241-0824, www.turksandcaicostourism.com

UKRAINE. Embassy of Ukraine, 202-333-0606, www.ukremb.com

URUGUAY. Uruguay Tourist Office, 305-443-7431, www.turismo.gub.uy

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS. USVI Division of Tourism, 1-800-372-USVI (8784) or 340-774-8784, www.usvi.org/tourism

UZBEKISTAN. Embassy of Uzbekistan, 202-887-5300, www.uzbekistan.org

VENEZUELA. Embassy of Venezuela, 202-342-2214, www.embavenez-us.org

VIETNAM. Embassy of Vietnam, Information Office, 202-861-0737 or 202-861-0694, www.vietnamembassy-usa.org

YUKON TERRITORY. Tourism Yukon, 867-667-5340, www.touryukon.com

ZAMBIA. Zambia National Tourist Bureau, 212-972-7200, www.zamnet.zm