Travelers headed Bahama-ward need not fear devastation from Hurricane Floyd, though the State Department has issued a public announcement regarding possible disruptions. The most severe damage occurred on out islands. Nassau/Paradise Island is operational (aside from the Sheraton Grand, which will not reopen until early next year). Says Serena Williams of Island Outposts, which owns resorts on Harbor Island and New Providence, where wooden beachfront bungalows survived Floyd unscathed: "We call it the garden hurricane. Though everyone's yard was split to smithereens, there was little property damage." On Grand Bahama Island, Freeport is also recovered. Freeport International Airport is open, but due to flooding of landing lights, pilots are using "visual flight rules" and cannot land after 7 p.m. For more: 1-800-422-4262, Elsewhere:

* The U.S. State Department has renewed its travel warning for Iran asking Americans to defer trips there, stating, "American travelers have encountered harrassment by vigilante groups."

* The expected public announcement for Taiwan appeared this week; it suggests travelers defer trips to areas surrounding the epicenter of last week's earthquake and aftershocks, approximately 90 miles south/southeast of Taipei.

* In Indonesia, the State Department warns travelers to "exercise caution" country-wide due to the conflicts in East Timor; demonstrations in Jakarta and other major cities--and, yes, Bali--have caused disruption but little danger.