Contest 4: Merger Nation

Yes, we know the business world is being reshaped by mergers. We think it's time the nations of the world entered into these new partnerships, too. Your task is to suggest nations that ought to merge and describe the synergistic entity that results. The catch: You have to join their names to create a fitting new nation -- but only by combining existing parts of the two names. In other words, this is not an anagram contest. Don't rearrange letters to form new words. Just stick parts of the two countries' names together, as in the examples below.

TAIWAN and LEBANON merge to become

TAIWANON, the new center for post-communist, post-terrorism debauchery.

NORWAY and MADAGASCAR merge to become NOGASCAR, a clean and efficient nation too broke to spend money on fuel.

Deadline for entries is Friday, Oct. 22, at 10 a.m. Send entries by e-mail (; put the words "Extreme Travel Trivia" in the subject field), fax (202-334-1069) or U.S. mail (Extreme Travel Trivia, Washington Post Travel section, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071). Winners, who are chosen on the basis of humor and originality, receive a Travel section mug. One entry per person per contest. Employees of The Washington Post are ineligible to win prizes. Entries become property of The Washington Post, which may edit, publish, distribute and republish the information in any form, including paper and electronic media.

Results from Contest 2: Geo-charades

In this contest, we asked you to identify the U.S. geographic feature suggested by the two pictures shown at right.

Several players instantly revealed themselves as the person who, when playing a real game of charades, would think the two-fingers-in-the-air sign meant "bunny" instead of "two words." (Like the player who guessed Four Corners, since both pictures had -- you were about to guess this -- four corners.) Others were the person nobody wants on their team (Ubehebe Crater, Calif.) or the one whose family members worry (Death Valley). But really, we love you all, and thanks for playing!

On the other hand, quite a few players managed to figure out that the clues were intended to suggest the Old Woman Mountains in California. We felt that, in good conscience, we could not exclude the entries that guessed Granny's Notch (nice!) or Walker Pass (oooh!), so we included their entries in the random drawing of "correct" responses for our over-large, nearly-useless-for-drinking Travel mug.

But, alas, it was Mary Eatinger of Vienna who guessed Old Woman Mountains, whose entry was randomly selected as the winner. The fact that she included the mountain range's map number and coordinates, using Extreme Travel Trivia's no-longer-as-useful Atlas of Record . . . well, that was just icing on the cake.

Next week: Winner from Contest 3, Extreme Travel Olympics