Baggage Warning

I WAS recently "ambushed" by Air Afrique's baggage policy. I purchased a round-trip ticket to Gambia, West Africa, from New York, and was told I could check two pieces of luggage with a maximum weight of 70 pounds each. The salesperson neglected to mention that on the return leg, I would only be allowed a maximum weight of 20 kilograms [about 44 pounds] per bag.

Air Afrique assures itself of revenue at the expense of the traveler by failing to provide this information at the time reservations are made. Travelers be warned.

Pliney Davies


Tip File

REGARDING Travel Tip 116 ["Squirrelz in the Hood," Oct. 10]: Hang a cloth bag of mint leaves under the hood, but away from the fan belt. This will keep the critters out of your car. Change every so often.

Stan Jasrtrzab

Easton, Md.

REGARDING Travel Tip 115 ["It Happened One Flight," Oct. 3], about silk pajamas doubling as long underwear: I have found that 50 percent cotton/50 percent nylon long underwear works beautifully for sleeping and under clothes when warmth is needed traveling in cool climates. The silky long johns roll or pack flat, and are less expensive than silk. Cuddl Duds and Shadow-line are two brands to look for.

Alice Ridgely


CARRY LEG warmers to put over the bottom of your slacks. With no cold air coming up your legs, and the long silk underwear, you can feel really cozy.

Audrey Koch


I READ Travel Tip 113 ["Have Annoying Perfume Card, Will Travel," Sept. 12], in which your tipster pollutes public space with those horrible perfume samples. I am one of many who suffer allergic reaction to perfume. If only a small percentage of passengers open up those perfume samples on the enclosed space of an airplane, I hope they have paramedics on board!

Pauline F. Meehan


Game Show

JOHN WOOD'S article ["Game Plan," Aug. 29] rekindled memories of our safaris in East Africa over 20 years ago in Kenya and Tanzania: a charging elephant in Lake Manyara; campsites in the Serengeti full of zebra and gazelle; our Land Rover stuck in mud at the bottom of Ngorongoro Crater, with rhino on one side and a turquoise lake covered with pink flamingoes on the other. It's nice to know that Wood could still find these types of experiences today.

For his next trip, he should consider climbing Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro--nothing is more beautiful than gazing over Africa from the rooftop of the continent.

Craig O. Raynsford


I FELT as if I were reading one of my favorite novels. My fiance and I laughed and identified with the author's sense of adventure in the African landscape. Sometimes you don't have to go to Barnes & Noble to find a good read!

Gay Kimberly


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