The following stories and planning tools on ski trips are available by visiting the Travel page of on the World Wide Web. From The Post home page, click on the word Travel from the left hand column. On the next page, click on The Travel Index Online. Click on By Subject Matter and scroll down to the Skiing section, and you'll see the following stories listed as links. All stories are also available in libraries that keep The Washington Post on microfilm or on paper.

For a complete regional roundup, with logistical details, prices and notes, check out the guide published by our friends in The Washington Post Weekend section Nov. 19 (available online at wp-srv/style/weekend/skiguide 99.htm).


"Snowshoe, Meet Big Foot," by Carol Sottili, 2/14/99. The big plans for Snowshoe Mountain ski resort in West Virginia.

"Miles vs. Smiles," by John Briley, 12/6/98. Comparing regional resorts according to distance driven and quality of experience.

"At Wintergreen, Women in Black (Diamonds)," by Daphne White, 1/18/98. Women's ski school at Wintergreen Resort.


"Surprise Package," by John Briley, 11/7/99. Comparing the cost of ski package vacations vs. doing it yourself.

"The White Album," by John Briley, 11/9/98. A chart comparing key U.S. and Canadian ski resorts.

"Need a Lift?," by John Briley, 11/9/98. Trips, trends and a guide to vacation planning.

"Ski-O-Matic," by Carol Sottili, 11/23/97. Choosing a ski resort based on what type of skier you are.


"Two Cities, Many Hills" (special issue), by John Briley and Carol Sottili, 11/7/99. Choosing from among the wide range of slopes concentrated around Salt Lake City and Reno.

"Via Snowcat, a Powder Lunch," by Robert C. Wurmstedt, 12/7/97. Skiing in remote, private Rocky Mountain locations on snowcat vehicles.

"Dude Awakening," by T.R. Reid, 11/23/97. An adult discovers the joys of snowboarding.