Beginning Wednesday, the airlines' self-created "service commitments" go into effect. To read a copy of a carrier's service commitment, go to the carrier's Web page or request a copy by phone or mail. Contacts for each major airline are listed below. (Note: Some of the phone numbers listed will require you to navigate a web of menu choices until you find someone to complain to.)

* American:

For complaints or copies of the plan, contact MaryAnne Cipperly, Customer Relations managing director, Mail Drop 2400, P. O. Box 619612, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Tex., 75261-9612; telephone 817-967-2116.

* Continental: /service/

Complaints or plan requests to Judy Dyar, customer service representative, P.O. Box 4607 HQSCR, Houston, Tex., 77210; telephone 1-800-932-2732.

* Delta: /about/cusserv/index.html

Complaints and requests to P.O. Box 20980, Atlanta, Ga., 30320; telephone1-800-221-1212.

* Northwest: comm1.html

Complaints and plan requests to: Cindy Scheer, director, customer and sales support, Customer Relations, Mail Stop C6590, P.O. Box 11875, St. Paul, Minn., 55111-0875; telephone 612-726-2046.

* Southwest: about_swa/customer_service_commit ment.html

Complaints and plan requests to: Jim Ruppel, vice president, customer relations, P.O. Box 36647, Dallas, Tex. 75235-1647; telephone 214-792-4223.

* TWA: /at_custserv.html

Complaints and plan requests to: Staff Vice President, Customer Relations, 1415 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo., 63103; 314-589-3600.

* United: .asp?section=Commitment.asp&Sub Category=Our_Company&destination _URL=/airline/Our_Company/Commit ment.asp

Complaints or plan requests to Customer Relations, P.O. Box 66100, Chicago, Il. 60666; telephone 847-700-6796.

* US Airways: /travel/passinfo /commit/letter.htm

For complaints or plan copies, contact Consumer Affairs Director Deborah Thompson, P.O. Box 1501, Winston Salem, N.C. 27102-1501; telephone 336-661-0061.

Aviation Consumer Protection Division

U.S. Department of Transportation

C-75, Room 4107

400 Seventh St. SW

Washington, D.C. 20590


Sen. John McCain

Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

254 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510


Complaints also may be logged on the Web site Specify that your complaint is related to an airline's service commitment.