Contest 13: Millionerd Santa

Let's face it, most of us are sitting slack-jawed on the sidelines while the new economy produces "millionerds" overnight. Well, why not fantasize that one of them was looking out for you this season? Since everything is speeded up, however, there are no longer 12 days of Christmas -- just five. So fill in the blanks on this global "Five Days of Christmas":

On the fifth day of Christmas, my millionerd gave to me:

_____ ______ named for me [town in Nova Scotia]

_____ ______ zinging [mountain in Australia]

_____ ______ a-crowing [town in Wales]

_____ ______ patents [river in Montana]

And an ____ for my start-up: Wow, yippee! [city in Malaysia]

Deadline for Contest 13 entries is Monday, Jan. 3, at 10 a.m. Send entries by e-mail (; put the words "Extreme Travel Trivia" in the subject field), fax (202-334-1069) or U.S. mail (Extreme Travel Trivia, Washington Post Travel section, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071). Winners, chosen at random from among all correct entries, receive a Travel section mug. One entry per person per contest. Employees of The Washington Post are ineligible to win prizes. Entries become property of The Washington Post, which may edit, publish, distribute and republish the information in any form, including paper and electronic media.

Results from Contest 11: sound-bite history

In Contest 11, we asked you to come up with your own "Battle in Seattle"-type headlines. Brevity, it's clear, is the key to a great slogan. It's hard to imagine our revolutionary forefathers charging down to the Boston harbor under the rallying cry, "The Boston So-Long to the Tossed-Over Oolong," as one reader suggested.

Our winner, Demetra Voyadgis of Washington, impressed us with her up-to-the-minute sound bite for the Panama Canal: "The switch at the ditch." She will be awarded our giant Travel mug, in which she may want to steep some of that tossed-over oolong.

Next Week: Winner from Contest 12, Mystery Isle