1. If you careen off a bridge and short out your car's electrical system, the LED Deluxe Emergency Hammer would come in handy: It can slice through a jammed seatbelt and smash a windshield from the inside. This model automatically lights up when lifted from its stand, to illuminate an escape. $14.95 from Lifestyle Fascination, 800-669-0987, www.shoplifestyle.com.

2. So many gadgets, but until now not enough sockets to use them all at once. The 3-in-1 12-volt Multi-Socket triples the plug-in capacity of a standard cigarette lighter. $10 from www.familyonboard.com, 800-793-2075.

3. Messing with jumper cables can add injury to the initial insult (do it wrong and you can blow up the car); why not charge a dead battery without lifting the hood? Plug one end of the compact Safe-Start Battery Charger Cable into your cigarette lighter, the other into the power source of a live car, and within minutes you'll have enough juice to motor away. $17 from www.familyonboard.com.

4. Or just plug in the yellow Self-Charge Auto-Jumper, and you're on your way without even needing another car to help. $39.95 from Magellan's, 800-962-4943, www.magellans.com.