Lost Boarding Passes

REGARDING THE Coming and Going item about Alitalia charging a passenger $1,400 to reissue her lost boarding pass [July 18]: A few months ago I lost my Air France boarding pass, and Air France reissued it without any objections. Alitalia's behavior is typical of Italian service providers' predominant mentality that the consumer is always wrong.

P.S. I am an Italian citizen.

C.V. Katsu


South Africa

IN GAYLE Keck's interesting article on South Africa ["Seeing South Africa," July 11], she says that the Cape Malays are really "Indonesians." Actually, the Malay empire conquered not only the Malay Archipelago but also what became the Dutch East Indies and even Madagascar, across the Indian Ocean. The Dutch colony became, of course, Indonesia, which groups many peoples. So Cape Malay is a justifiable description.

Also, the Malays who came to what was then British South Africa were not "slaves" but indentured (i.e. voluntary contract) labor, like the Indians who built the railroad from Mombasa to Nairobi, with the right to remain in the colony after their contracts were completed.

Russell Warren Howe


Art Deco in Jackson

I REALIZE the focus of Jean Lawlor Cohen's article was the "Paris Moderne" exhibition at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, Miss., and the city's art deco architecture ["Doing Deco, Y'All, in Jackson," June 27], but how could she not also mention the world-class "Glory of Baroque Dresden" exhibition in the Mississippi Arts Pavilion?

"Dresden" brings together more than 400 items from the Dresden's state art collections, and will not be going to any other U.S. city after it closes Sept. 6. As I make my plans to visit Jackson, I appreciate the information in Cohen's article and may even attempt the city tour she enjoyed -- after I see "The Glory of Baroque Dresden" and "Paris Moderne."

Daniel Hall


Bermuda History

JOHN DEINER took a superficial view of the former Royal Dockyards in his description of a budget trip to Bermuda. Had he gone past the boutiques, he would have discovered a strong connection to Virginia.

Bermuda was first settled when a sinking ship of the second Jamestown fleet wrecked on the reef in 1609. The remains of the original Sea Venture were rebuilt into two smaller vessels, the Deliverance and the Patience, which sailed for Jamestown and helped save that settlement. Bermuda itself became part of Virginia until it was returned to direct crown administration.

Another powerful Bermuda connection to the D.C. area is the Confederate Museum, which describes the blockade runners, many of which left from Bermuda with European goods and returned with cotton for Europe. The artifacts on display include Confederate bonds denominated in bales of cotton rather than units of currency, an early example of creative and alternative financing.

Richard Garrison


Yoga Vacations

WE WERE delighted to see our yoga retreat in Harpers Ferry, W.Va., mentioned ["Just Say Ommmmm," July 18]. But we wanted your readers to know we have changed the price from $380 to $395 per person double, to accommodate those who requested more than vegetarian options.

Expect plenty of food choices (as well as veggie ones) at the historic Hilltop House's generous buffet meals. Hiking on the surrounding spectacular trails is a great way to enjoy and also balance the abundance of food on this retreat.

Jane Fryer, Inward Bound


Sex Unappeal

THE TRAVEL Fact, "One-third of leisure travelers say they have better and more frequent sex while on vacation" [July 4], grabbed my attention because it emphasized the far weaker finding of the study on which it's based.

The more significant finding is that two-thirds of those interviewed reported that their vacations didn't impact positively on either the quality or the frequency of sex.

This could be unwelcome news for the travel industry.

James V. Dolson


California Wildfires

AN FYI for folks traveling to Yosemite National Park this summer: We visited the park on July 15, when several small fires caused by lightning were burning around Yosemite Valley. Some roads surrounding the valley were closed. The famous view from Olmsted Point was very hazy. Yosemite Valley was filled with smoke.

Others traveling to the park this summer (especially if they have respiratory problems) may want to check with the park ahead of time to check on smoke/fire conditions.

Wendy Duke

Ijamsville, Md.

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