Remembering Maine

THANKS FOR rekindling my memories of the summer of 1956, which I spent as a "kitchen boy"/intern at the Audubon Camp on Hog Island ["The Maine Course," Aug. 8].

We kitchen boys got to go on nature walks and boat trips and enjoy the camp's other pleasures in exchange for helping to prepare and clean up after meals. We had a cabin to ourselves where we slept on bunk beds. We made friends with the faculty stars, such as Alan Cruikshank and his wife, who worked closely with him on their books of photography.

My fondest memories of that summer involve smooching on the rocks with one of the campers, a high school girl who had signed up for one of the two-week sessions. Our make-out sessions, pretty tame by today's standards, were conducted in a cloud of citronella to fend off the ever-present mosquitos. If I ever smell that stuff again, it will bring it all back.

Steve Clapp


Stockholm, Cont'd

GARY LEE could have been writing about my May 2001 visit to Stockholm ["Summer Stockholm," Aug. 1]. I too enjoyed sunny, pleasant weather and was captivated by the Vasa ship museum and the charm of Skansen. I also recommend the National Museum of Antiquities. But the highlight of my Stockholm stay was lodging on a ship docked close to the Gamla Stan. There are several options; see Fodor's for recommendation. I was on a tight budget so I opted for a hostel, which was far from luxurious, but perfect nonetheless -- I slept like a baby, rocked to sleep by the water, and enjoyed breakfast on the ship.

Maureen Gregory-Aleman


Q&A and You

YOUR ANSWER about Aussie wineries was okay [Travel Q&A, Aug. 1], but there is something that you left out: Most require an advance appointment. In the future please make note of that many people come back disappointed from being turned away.

Obviously booking with a tour operator makes life easy and successful. We stayed at the Hyatt in Adelaide and made day trips to each of the five most important source areas. We hate driving on the wrong side of the road, and also did not want to not taste as much and as often as was available, so we had a private car and driver for our trips (not all that expensive from our perspective, about $75 a day).

Ted Task


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