Miles for Magazines

FOR THOSE who have US Airways miles but haven't enough to redeem for travel [Coming and Going, Aug. 22], miles can be redeemed on for magazine subscriptions. Last week, I placed orders for five subscriptions for myself and friends. Of the 11 other orders I have placed over the past three years, 10 were problem-free.

Mike Becraft


Q&A and You

REGARDING your reader's question about his 14-hour layover at London Heathrow [Travel Q&A, Aug. 22]: I certainly hope he got a good deal on his tickets to South Africa or was using frequent-flier miles.

My husband and I flew to South Africa on Delta and South African Airlines via Atlanta. Our layover in Atlanta was not more than three hours, and then we flew nonstop to Johannesburg. I highly recommend South African Airlines, too.

Lisa Goddard


A Matter of Millimeters

IN YOUR otherwise usefully informative story on digital cameras ["Let's Get Digital: What SLR Users Need to Know," Aug. 15], you quote Canon's director of technology information in likening the 15-by-22 millimeter size of a digital camera's CCD sensor to that of a commemorative postage stamp.

I can only wonder what country he hails from, as U.S. commemorative postage stamps usually measure 25-by-40 millimeters.

Patrick Hinely

Lexington, Va.

One-Track Mind

I JUST returned from a four-day trip to Las Vegas and enjoyed the monorail for several reasons [Lab Report, Aug. 8]. I bought the 10-trip ticket online on sale for $23.50 (including $3.50 service charge) and saved over the $3 per trip price. It was refreshingly cool on the monorail vs. the 107-degree temperature outside; the monorail gave us a wonderful view of the lights at night; and even though it doesn't go everywhere, it gets you close, is cooler, is less expensive than a taxi and saves on the blisters.

Vickie Felton


Australian Wineries, Cont'd

I AM writing in reponse to the recent letter in the Message Center [Aug. 15] regarding wineries in South Australia. I disagree that most wineries require an advance appointment. To the contrary, most are open seven days a week and very few (mostly smaller wineries and some in the Clare Valley) require an appointment.

South Australia puts out a very good booklet, "South Australian Secret -- Wine Country." It's available from the Visitor and Travel Centre (8 King William St.) in Adelaide. It lists all of the wineries by area (including a map showing where they are), hours of operation, varieties available, etc. Just takes a little advance planning.

Judith Marshak


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