Way to Book a Room

GREAT ARTICLE on booking discount hotels ["Hotels, by the Booking," Sept. 29]. As a frequent user of the Internet to book travel, I have had good results. However, I ran into a problem not mentioned in your article.

I booked hotels through Priceline.com. Then I started receiving monthly charges of $9 on my credit card. Seems in confirming the hotel offering and without being aware of it, I triggered acceptance into some sort of travel club with monthly dues of $9. Fortunately, I was able to get the charges removed, but it took a few calls to my credit card company and, once identified, to Priceline. I'm still not clear where the land mine is, but I intend to read every word carefully before any future request.

Al Pierce


'This Silent Place'

I WANT to say how much I appreciated Cindy Loose's very fine and sensitively written article, "This Silent Place" [Sept. 19]. She honored the memories of all those innocent men, women and children who perished.

I was especially impressed by her detailed accounts of the actual camp sites and the simple ceremonies that took place, and the personal stories of those survivors who in some cases were determined to find or establish the veracity of their experiences.

I am a social worker by training, and at that time I was able to volunteer as a relief worker to help in the rehabilitation work of those survivors who were in displaced persons' camps and later sent to various centers or countries of their choice. My experience has left me with a debt I feel I must always pay to honor the memories of all those who perished.

Sabina Shalom


AS THE CHILD of a Holocaust survivor and a student of history, I have read hundreds of articles and many books on the subject. In many ways, Cindy Loose's article was as poignant a piece, even within the limits of its context, as I have ever read. I am especially obsessed with two points that the piece underscored: The fact that so many victims were children, and the fact that we will never know how many brilliant contributors to society were lost while their genius was as yet inchoate.

Steven B. Boehm


THE CONCENTRATION camps were not "Poland's camps." Statements like this are extremely misleading to readers who do not have comprehensive knowledge about the events of the Second World War and hurtful to the millions who experienced the atrocities of that war in Poland.

Ela Dyba

Silver Spring

Rating the Rapids

THAT WAS a nice story on the Tuweep section of the Grand Canyon ["The Grander Canyon," Sept. 12]. However, when the author says Lava Falls is Class 10, it is questionable. Whitewater rapids are classified from 1 to 6, with 6 considered unrunnable for most boaters.

Bob Youcker


Some rivers in the western United States use a different classification system, from 1 to 10. Lava Falls is roughly equivalent to a Class 5.

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