QDo you have any thoughts for a trip, preferably in the western United States, for a group of women ages 45 to 80? We'd like a package so we can dine together, and we like such activities as hiking, yoga and horseback riding. We also enjoy spa options, but don't want a spa.

Amy Reznick


AAn upscale dude ranch may be a good option, or you could go with a tour operator that specializes in trips for women.

Tour operators include:

* Adventure Woman (800-804-8686, www.adventurewomen.com), founded in 1982, which caters to women over 30. The company has 17 trips scheduled for 2005, including a week at the 320 Guest Ranch in Big Sky, Mont., on July 16-22; cost is $2,295 per person double.

* Explorations in Travel (802-257-0152, www.exploretravel.com), which is geared toward women over 40. It will offer 20 trips next year, including a week-long hiking/rafting trip on the Klamath River in California on May 14-21 for $2,395 per person double.

* Canyon Calling (928-282-0916, www.canyoncalling.com), for women over 30. In 2005, it has a dozen trips scheduled, including an Arizona itinerary to the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell for $1,695 per person double.

* Adventures in Good Company (877-439-4042, www.adventuresingoodcompany.com), a Baltimore company with 36 trips set for 2005. A New Mexico tour May 8-15, for example, starts at $1,459 per person double.

Guest ranches that offer special weeks for women only include Kay El Bar Guest Ranch (800-684-7583, www.kayelbar.com) in Wickenburg, Ariz.; Colorado Trails Ranch (877-711-7843, www.coloradotrails.com) in Durango, Colo.; and White Stallion Ranch (888-WSRANCH, www.wsranch.com) in Tucson.

I bought Samsonite luggage in January, but my red bags are now dirty. Are there any products I could use to clean my luggage and perhaps protect it from further staining?

Michelle Jordan

Silver Spring

For general care of soft luggage, Samsonite recommends spot cleaning with a mild soap (such as dish soap) and water. If this doesn't work, its product specifications recommend trying a "product used for spot removal on clothing such as Spray 'n Wash" or "a foam-type cleaner used to clean car mats or automobile carpets."

To clean hard luggage, Samsonite recommends using a gentle soap and warm water, rinsing well. "If you would like to wax the case after cleaning, any good silicone-base automobile or furniture polish will preserve the luster and add resistance to the covering," says its product-care brochure. "We do not recommend, however, that you try to clean the luggage with a combination cleaner-polish."

Nora Alonso, communications manager for Samsonite, said you could also try a "little bit of rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush or small brush" on stubborn stains, but test it in an inconspicuous place to make sure it won't discolor the bag. She said all soft-side cases are treated for dirt and water resistance, so most stains should not seep into the fabric.

Michele Marini Pittenger, president of the Travel Goods Association, a nonprofit trade group that represents the luggage industry, said you might also try a product called Apple Polishes if the luggage is leather. For a list of retailers: 800-322-6569, www.applepolishes.com.

My husband and I will be in Tokyo for three days. What part of the city should we stay in? Are there any reasonably priced hotels?

June Charney

Silver Spring

Marian Goldberg, spokeswoman for the Japan National Tourist Organization, recommends the Ueno Park area, which allows easy subway access to the Ginza and Asakusa districts. Ueno Park is home to major museums, including the Tokyo National Museum, Orient Museum and Tokyo Metropolitan Fine Art Gallery. The park offers paddle boating and a zoo, and "if it's cherry blossom season, it's the most spectacular place in Tokyo," Goldberg said in an e-mail.

The Ueno Park and the Asakusa areas offer several budget ryokan, which are Japanese-style inns, including the Sawanoya Ryokan (www.tctv.ne.jp/members/sawanoya/eigo.html), with rates for two starting at $89 a night, and Ryokan Asakusa Shigestsu (www.shigetsu.com), with rates for two starting at about $133. If you're more interested in a Western-style hotel, Goldberg says the Sofitel, right on the park, is a good choice; rooms start at $180 a night double.

For more information, contact the Japan National Tourist Organization, 212-757-5640, www.japantravelinfo.com.

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