WORTH A TRIP: "The meeting of spirituality and earthliness may be Bhutan's most delicious mystery," writes James Truman in the November Conde Nast Traveler. His kaleidoscopic take on the tiny Himalayan kingdom visits royalty and Buddhist monks, market towns and valleys where the air is scented with "the sacred offerings of alder wood and juniper that burn constantly." Though Bhutan remains wary of cultural assimilation -- only 7,000 visitors are allowed each year -- new luxury hotels may "mark the beginning of the country's transformation into an upscale Dharma Disneyland."

WORTH A FLIP: In Naples, reports Smithsonian, folks are heading underground to visit its vast subterranean world of ancient "streets and piazzas, marketplaces, viaducts and vividly painted catacombs" . . . Chocoholic alert: Spain Gourmetour profiles that country's gifted chocolateros -- masters of chocolate -- and tells you where to get your fix . . . Four "newly energized" Eastern European cities -- Zagreb, Ljubljana, Gdansk and L'viv -- are "the next must-sees," says National Geographic Traveler.

WORTH A GAWK: Looky-loos? According to Scottish Life, the new ladies' room at the Glenfiddich Distillery Visitors Center is so fab -- "the most luxurious in Scotland," with fireplace and oak-paneled cubicles -- that wives are dragging husbands in for a peek. That's a peek.

-- Christopher Hall