An occasional look at products the travel industry insists we need.

WHAT: The DVD "Are We There Yet? Starring Miles the Goose."

AIMED AT: Bored tykes sitting in DVD-equipped cars during long trips.

HOW MUCH: $14.99.

BUT DOES IT WORK? He resembles an over-feathered boa with sunglasses, but Miles the Goose is not meant to scare your children. Rather, the excitable puppet wants to make long car rides more pleasant. He demonstrates how to play travel games that adults may have learned in the pre-DVD era, like the one where you try to spot all the letters of the alphabet from street signs. The 50-minute DVD is interspersed with some silly tunes by a band called Rebecca Frezza and the Big Truck Band and short educational segments on bridges and trains. Grown-ups will want to turn Miles the Goose into foie gras by trip's end. His voice is grating and his humor is definitely tailored for the short pants crowd, but kiddies will dig the juvenile humor. A suggestion: Play the DVD the night before the trip as a primer. The kids will walk off with some cool ideas for the long trip ahead.

-- John Maynard

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