Here in the Travel section, we take vacations seriously. (That hyperventilating, track-shoe-wearing, notebook-toting nerd you saw chatting up everyone from the kitchen staff to the cruise director, while you were knocking back a third pina colada down on the Lido Deck? That was us.) In fact, you know how most peoples' eyes get dull and jaws go slack when you pull out your vaction photos? Well, we actually want to hear about your weekend in Vegas or your visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Why? We're nosy. But we also think that sharing the dish on your trip will make the world a better place . . . for your fellow travelers. Your hot tip can be the next guy's day-maker; your rip-off restaurant, the next family's near-miss. When you reveal the good, the bad and the god-awful about your recent romp to Disney World, pilgrimage to Lourdes or Australian pub crawl, that's useful information for the rest of us. It's a big, confusing travel world out there, and we want to help each other navigate it.

We'll highlight one vacation report a month, along with a photo from the trip, in our new monthly feature, Your Vacation in Lights. Couples, families, solo travelers, Amway sales reps -- all may apply. If we publish your report, we'll send you a Canon PowerShot A-95 digital camera -- the same one used by Washington Post reporters.

Your job: Fill in the categories at right that apply to your trip. Be specific! Be honest! And, if you really want that camera, be funny!

The fine print: Using the categories at right as a guide (use as many as you wish, or add your own), send your trip report to Your Vacation in Lights, Washington Post Travel Section, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071; fax it to 202-912-3609 or e-mail it to vacationinlights Entries chosen for publication will receive a Canon PowerShot A-95 digital camera or equivalent. Entries will be chosen on the basis of humor, originality and usefulness; are subject to editing for space and clarity; and become property of The Post, which may edit, publish, distribute or republish them in any form. Employees of The Post and their immediate families are not eligible. No purchase necessary.