Maine's Monhegan Island

THANKS to Brigid Schulte for writing a piece about my hometown that reflects the beauty and tranquility I grew up with ["A Separate Peace," Sept. 11]. As a child, I fished off the wharf, rolled down hotel hills, made faerie houses and read stories in the library. As teenager I worked at the Trailing Yew (love that bell), counted satellites in the star-laden midnight sky and painted by the sea. As an adult I recently got married in the church and celebrated with my entire community on the Monhegan House lawn, because you are right -- everyone does know everyone.

Many people write about it, but Schulte captured Monhegan in such a way that made me homesick.

Heidi Spencer

Florence, Mass.

Spanish Accents

CUETZALAN ["Mexico's Perfect Mountain Town?," Sept. 11] is not pronounced cuet-ZA-lan, but cuet-za-LAN. All Spanish words ending in "n" or "s" are accented on the last syllable, unless an accent mark indicates otherwise.

Bill Topolsky


Grand Canyon Tip

TRAVELERS WHO want to stay at one of the lodges at the Grand Canyon should book their rooms directly from Xanterra, the company that operates the lodges for the national park. I made the mistake of booking from the Grand Canyon Tour Co., which charged $145 a night for a room that cost $111.84 a night from Xanterra (888-297-2757).

Our family had two rooms for three nights, so the tour company's booking fee was a hefty $259.86.

Allan W. Ostar

Chevy Chase

China Deal

IN THE March 6 What's the Deal? column, you listed a package tour of China with Experience Asia Tours ( I took the July 11 trip and it was one of the most fabulous I have ever taken. Everything about the trip was wonderful, from our arrival in Beijing, to Shanghai, to a five-night cruise on the Yangtze through the locks of the Three Gorges Dam -- just so much that it is hard to describe it all. I have over my 78 years traveled all over the United States and some in Europe, but this was a knockout trip.

Karl Koles


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