Contest 311:

Royal We

In an attempt to show the American people that he has moved on with his life, Prince Charles held a news conference last week in a town south of Albany, Ga.

Name the town.

Deadline for Contest 311 entries is Friday, Nov. 11, at 10 a.m. Send entries by e-mail (travtrivia@; put "ETT No. 311 in subject field); fax (202-912- 3609); or U.S. mail (postcards only) to Extreme Travel Trivia, Washington Post Travel Section, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071). One entry per person. Winner chosen at random from correct entries.

RESULTS FROM No. 309: Spy Guy

Before the unmasking of this week's Extreme Travel Trivia winner, let us unveil our new prize, pictured above.

Starting today, we'll be awarding the sleek, endlessly utilitarian and oh-so-stylish Travel tote bag to the lucky ETTite who cracks the weekly riddle. Use it to lug aroud your atlas, your lunch, even that Travel mousepad-cum-jar opener that we've been giving away for the past few years.

Now on to the business at hand. In Contest 309, we revealed that Daniel Craig, the new "James Blond," is undergoing training in a town in Poole Bay on the English Channel. Congratulations to Larry Boteler of McLean, who wins, yes, a Travel tote bag for honing in on Studland.


Results of Contest No. 310, High Time