Prices for canopy tours run about $40 to $55, not including transportation to the site. Commissions are sometimes added by sellers, and transportation can add substantially more: Canopy tours can be an hour or more from tourist areas. Here are some of the major canopy tours.


* Original Canopy Tour

Operates at four locations: the Monteverde Cloud Forest (011-506- 645-5243 or 877-351-4700), San Jose (011-506-291-4465), Mahogany Park (011-506-636-2106) and Drake Bay (no phone available). Web site:

* Canopy Safari, near Manual Antonio National Park, 888-535-8832 or 011- 506-777-0100,

* Chiclets Canopy Tour, Playa Hermosa, Jaco, 888-535-8832, www.; choose Costa Rica, then "Activities."

* Monteverde Canopy Tour, Selvatura, 888-535-8832, www.central

* Sky Trek Canopy Tour, Monteverde,


* Lost World Original Canopy Tour, an hour outside of Belize City, 011-501-223-5194,


* Original Canopy Tour, Granada,


* Canopy Tours de Los Veranos, Puerto Vallarta, 011-52-322-223-6060,

* Vallarta Adventures Original Canopy Tour, Puerto Vallarta, 011-52-322-297-1212,

* Canopy Tour El Eden, Puerto Vallarta, 011-322-222-2516,


* Original Canopy Tour, Montego Bay (876-953-5619) and Ocho Rios (876- 972-2506),


* Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours, Knysna, 011-27-42-281-1836, www.treetop or

* Karkloof Canopy Tours, Howick, .html.

-- Cindy Loose