An item in the Dec. 4 Coming and Going column incorrectly said that Mexicana Airlines has begun offering direct service between Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and Mexico City. It offers nonstop service. (Published 12/6/2005)


Stalk Your Trip

Unhappy with the prices you're finding for airline tickets, hotels and rental cars, and willing to take a chance on waiting for a better price? A new site,, allows you to do that without forcing you to compulsively surf the Web. While you sleep, or do the work your boss pays you to do, TripStalker is surfing for prices you've told it you want. If the price for the date and place you want to visit drops at or below the price you've set as your goal, TripStalker will alert you by e-mail, text message or desktop pop-up. No obligation, just information.

TripStalker is entering some hot competition for the airfare portion of its stalking.'s Deal Detector for airfares has most of the same features as TripStalker. Both allow you to be somewhat picky: You can choose to be alerted only to price drops on a specific airline, or only for nonstop flights. Orbitz has a nifty feature TripStalker doesn't have: In addition to asking for fare alerts for a given travel day, you can also ask to be alerted if fares drop for three travel days before or after your first choice of dates.'s Fare Watcher feature is less discriminating and notifies you about price drops over a long time frame -- you can't tell it to alert you to a desired price for a specific day. That works best if you're extremely flexible.

TripStalker's main advantages over the other two: You don't have to plow through the site trying to find the trip-stalking feature, and given that you can be alerted to deals for hotel rooms and cars, you get a full-service stalk.


No Breasts Please,

We're British

A national debate arose in England after police ordered a young mother to stop nursing her baby while sitting on a park bench in Wooton, near Norwich, last month. Not only is there no law protecting moms who choose to breastfeed in public, but judging from the listener calls broadcast on BBC Radio last week, some Brits feel very strongly against the practice.

Where do you draw the line on nudity? one caller asked. Another compared feeding babies in public to conceiving them in public. For balance, the BBC interviewed a Scottish legislator who helped pass a law making it illegal to interfere with a mom nursing in public in Scotland. It got CoGo wondering how a lactating mom on a trip could learn the laws and social norms of a destination.

In the United States, about half of all states have laws that protect the rights of mothers to breastfeed in public. Two states -- Georgia and Mississippi -- require the mother to be "discreet." The La Leche League, a breastfeeding advocacy education group, has a state-by-state rundown at If traveling in a state that doesn't address the issue one way or another, look for a federal building: U.S. law ensures a woman's right to nurse on federal property.

Traveling abroad? Most countries have a La Leche League representative you can contact. Find them at the La Leche Web site or call 800-LA-LECHE.


New Orleans officials and Mardi Gras krewes have agreed to celebrate the 150th annual Mardi Gras in the city Feb. 18-28. Between two and four parades will roll through the streets on Feb. 18 and 19, and daily Feb. 23-28. Of the 30 krewes that paraded last year, 26 have committed to returning . . . Mexicana will begin new direct service between BWI and Mexico City on Dec. 2. The first flight out, with a sample return on Dec. 5, came in at $585. That's about the same as American's nonstop service on the test dates. The lowest price on those dates: a one-stop for $421.


Tahiti -- for Kids?

Round-trip airfare from New York to Tahiti is $197 for kids 17 and under. Details: What's the Deal?, Page P3.

Reporting: Cindy Loose

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