Okay, let's get right to it, David Hasselhoff. Which is more fun: acting opposite Joan Collins or the KITT Car?

"She was terrific," said Hasselhoff, speaking of the costar with two on the floor instead of four. Their TV movie is "The Cartier Affair" at 9 tonight on NBC.

"I had read about Joan in the National Inquirer like everyone else," said Hasselhoff. "I had no idea what she'd really be like. The moment we met we fell into deep like."

In "Cartier," Hasselhoff and Collins play lovers who are after a fortune in stolen jewels. Telly ("Kojak") Savalas reverts to type as an underworld figure.

Hasselhoff hopes his role in this romantic comedy will be a stepping stone to feature films. "I see myself as a romantic lead, doing Cary Grant-type comedy," he said.

For Collins, "Cartier" is a step in a different direction. "This is entertainment the family can watch and laugh at," promised Hasselhoff. "And you'll fall in love with Joan Collins. For once she doesn't play the evil witch."

Making "Cartier" brought out the pair's contrasting movie-making styles. "I'm used to location work," he said, "shooting from helicopters and doing 180s in KITT. She's used to doing her nails and sitting in her trailer waiting for her next scene."

The hot-weather location shooting for "Cartier" brought out their differences. "I went outside a lot and sunned myself," said Hasselhoff. "She stayed indoors and called for iced tea."