With this week's batch of season returns and newcomers, most of the fall series are in place. The few alternatives include Johnny Carson's Silver Anniversary gala, made-for-TV movies ("Proud Men" and "Assault and Matrimony") and a Redskins-New England game if the players are not on strike. The networks have optimistically provided you with the games they are scheduled to carry -- but if not, expect some last-minute movies. SUNDAY NEW ENGLAND at WASHINGTON at 1 on NBC


MARRIED ... WITH CHILDREN at 8 on 5 and 45

TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW at 9 on 5 and 45

DOLLY at 9 on ABC


MASTERPIECE THEATRE: "The Tale of Beatrix Potter" at 9 on PBS

MR. PRESIDENT at 9:30 on 5 and 45

BUCK JAMES at 10 on ABC At this writing, New England is slated to play the Redskins at RFK (1 on NBC). If the NFL players' strike occurs, the game is to be pushed to the back of the schedule. In the evening, ABC brings "Spenser: For Hire" back for another season with an hour-long opener that includes Barbara Stock's return as Susan Silverman, Spenser's former girlfriend. At the same time, Fox Broadcasting stations offer the second season opener of "Married ... With Children" (Vic Polizos guests as an axe-wielding killer who terrorizes Peggy) followed by the season premiere of "The Tracey Ullman Show" (with Steve Martin as a choreographer) at 9 and "Mr. President" (the First Lady leaves the Prez) at 9:30. At 9, CBS gives its new "The Law and Harry McGraw" a two-hour debut and PBS encores "The Tale of Beatrix Potter," the world's best-known writer of children's stories, played by Penelope Wilton. On ABC, Dolly Parton steps out in her own music-and-comedy variety show, "Dolly," with guests Pee-wee Herman, Oprah Winfrey and Hulk Hogan. ABC's new "Buck James" at 10 stars Dennis Weaver as Dr. Buck James, a trauma surgeon in a southwestern hospital. Tonight he tries to save a construction worker. MOVIES: Disney's animated "Alice in Wonderland" (7 on ABC); "Bonnie and Clyde" (1 on 13). SPORTS: Tentative: Philadelphia at San Francisco (4 on CBS) and New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers (4 on 2); Mita Festival Tennis at 3 on ABC.

MONDAY AMERICA BY DESIGN at 8 on 26, 9 on 22/67



AMERICAN MASTERS at 9 on 26 Note: Channel 26 has been dutifully carrying the Judge Robert Bork hearings and says it will continue if they are scheduled this week. TV Week carries WETA's regular programming. Jason Alexander and John Bolger star as Julian and Scott Beeby, two bachelor brothers who share a New York City apartment on CBS' new "Everything's Relative" at 8:30. Tonight, an ex-wife shows up. At 9, Michael Tucker and Jill Eikenberry, married in real life and paired on their series, "L.A. Law," play an unhappily married couple who plot to bump each other off. Their made-for-TV movie is a comedy called "Assault and Matrimony." John Hillerman and Michelle Phillips co-star. Both MPT and WETA begin "America by Design," a series focusing on the forces that help to shape the dream of most Americans: home ownership. Historian Spiro Kostof begins the five-part exploration. (WETA airs the series at 8, MPT at 9.) Heywood Hale Broun is host and narrator of "The Ten-Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table," airing as part of the "American Masters" series following on 26. Among the participants who lunched daily at New York's Algonquin Hotel were Edna Ferber, Dorothy Parker and George S. Kaufman. Guests: Former "Gilligan's Island" stars Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells on "Alf" (8 on NBC). SPORTS: Tentative: Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns (9 on ABC).




THE LAW AND HARRY MCGRAW at 10 on CBS CBS gives the lion's share tonight to its two law shows. "Jake and the Fatman" begins at 8 with a two-hour episode. William Conrad stars as J.L. McCabe, an ex-policeman who is working as a district-attorney, in the two-hour opener. Co-stars include Joe Penny as a special investigator, Alan Campbell as McCabe's assistant D.A., Karen Austin plays the deputy mayor -- and Max the Dog, McCabe's aging, half-deaf bulldog, who will probably steal the show. Anne Francis shows up as Dixie, a former big-band singer who owns the bar and grill McCabe favors. In the show that follows, "The Law and Harry McGraw," Jerry Orbach plays a slightly seedy private eye and Barbara Babcock plays a patrician Boston lawyer. On ABC, "Moonlighting" is back for a season premiere, in which, to no one's surprise, David and Maddie continue to try to sort out their relationship. That's followed by the hour-long opener of "Thirtysomething." In the latter, an ensemble cast -- Timothy Busfield, Polly Draper, Mel Harris, Peter Horton, Melanie Mayron, Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig -- play a group of babyboomers starting families, building lives and facing realities. Tonight, Michael and Hope (Olin and Harris) find out that romance suffers when there's a wakeful baby in the house. At midnight, CBS introduces a comedy-drama called "Diamonds" starring Nicholas Campbell as Detective Mike Devitt and Peggy Smithhart as his partner, Christina Towne. Guests: David Ogden Stiers as a blind sculptor and possible murderer on "Matlock" (8 on NBC); Robert Conrad as a Wall Street raider on "J.J. Starbuck" (9 on NBC); David Soul as the new husband of Lt. Torello's ex-wife on "Crime Story" (10 on NBC). MOVIES: "Serpico" (8 on 5).

WEDNESDAY SURVIVAL at 8 on 22/67 and 26

LILY TOMLIN at 9 on PBS Both WETA and MPT stations offer a pair of programs worth considering tonight, the season premiere of "Survival" and "Lily Tomlin" (WHMM joins in for this one). The first in the excellent nature series focuses on the wildlife visting a waterhole in Africa's Etosha National Park. The second is a 90-minute backstage chronicle of Lily Tomlin's preparation for her one-woman Broadway play, "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe." Watch how her creativity evolves as she rehearses and confers with writer Jane Wagner and drama coach Peggy Feury. The special includes clips from her early television specials. CBS' 9 o'clock entry is a repeat, the seven-season finale of "Magnum, P.I." At midnight, that network returns "Adderly" for a new season. Guests: Tony Award winners Ann Wedgeworth and John Randolph with Vincent D'Onofrio as a mentally retarded adult accused of murder on "The Equalizer" (10 on CBS).



MYSTERY! "Lord Peter Wimsey" at 9 on PBS


On "The Cosby Show" (8 on NBC), Theo Huxtable is put on trial by his family to find out why he was so late arriving home that the family missed the beginning of sister Vanessa's school play on "The Cosby Show" at 8. CBS competes with "Tour of Duty," which finds Pvt. Taylor captured by the North Vietnamese. Peter Strauss and Charlton Heston star in "Proud Men," ABC's made-for-TV movie at 9, playing a father and son driven apart by their principles. Heston plays a conservative cattle rancher, Strauss is his estranged, expatriate, AWOL son who returns home from France for a reconciliation. Also at 9 is the opening installment of "Lord Peter Wimsey" on PBS' "Mystery!" series. Edward Petherbridge gets the title role, as the romantic and monocled aristocratic sleuth, and Harriet Walter plays the role of Harriet Vane, a talented young crime writer and the object of his affection. The three stories in the PBS series are from Dorothy L. Sayers. At 9:30, silver-haired Johnny Carson celebrates his 25th year on "The Tonight Show" with a live, prime-time extravaganza featuring sidekicks Ed McMahon and Doc Severinsen. The 90-minute special includes clips from shows with Ronald Reagan, Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Buddy Rich, Pearl Bailey, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Judy Garland and Garry Shandling and some of the many animals that have appeared on the show. Letterman gets two installments of his own "Late Night" shows, one at 11:30, one at 12:30 (a rerun).

FRIDAY CAMP DAVID at 9 on 22/67, 10 on 26

20/20 at 10 on ABC


Both 22/67 and 26 carry an hour-long special of special interest to viewers in the Washington area: "Camp David," an inside look at the 143-acre presidential hideaway in the Catoctin National Forest six miles west of little Thurmont, Md. Ann Compton hosts, with an exclusive interview with President and Mrs. Reagan. Relatives, advisers, aides and friends of the presidents' add their own comments. CBS' "Falcon Crest" steps out for its seventh season at 10 with Leslie Caron and Ed Marinaro in guest roles. On "Dallas" (9 on CBS), a mysterious person enters Pam's hospital room, and Andrew Stevens joins the cast. And ABC's "20/20" looks at an update of Shere Hite's "Hite Report" on male-female relationships.


LEG WORK at 9 on CBS

OHARA at 9 on ABC

AMEN at 9:30 on NBC

HUNTER at 10 on 2

HOTEL at 10 on ABC

WEST 57TH at 10 on CBS

HEIMAT at 10 on 26

CBS' "My Sister Sam" gets a new season when Pam Dawber returns in the title role and Rebecca Schaeffer continues as her younger sister Patti. Joel Brooks is back as Sam's agent, J.D., and Jenny O'Hara as her assistant, Dixie. CBS follows with new "Leg Work," a series about a female private eye (Margaret Colin as Claire McCarron) who is being hunted by a hitman. Timothy Carhart plays the cop assign to protect her. Also appearing are Frances McDormand as district attorney Willie Pipal and Patrick James Clarke as Fred McCarron, a NYPD public information officer. That competes with the season opener of ABC's "Ohara" starring Pat Morita and Robert Clohessy as his partner. Also returning, season openers for NBC's "Amen" and "Hunter," CBS' "West 57th" and ABC's "Hotel," tonight with guests Ginger Rogers, Ted Shackelford and Dack Rambo. At the same time, WETA begins an eight-part series acclaimed in Europe. "Heimat" spans the years from 1919 to 1982 through the eyes of one woman, Maria (Marita Breuer). It's West German-produced with English subtitles. At 11:30, Channels 5 and 13 begin "Friday the 13th: The Series," based on the horror films.


Georgia Tech at North Carolina State (noon on 13); Wake Forest at Army (noon on 50); Ohio State at Illinois (noon on 66); Cadillac Polo Championship (North America vs. Argentina) at 1:30 on 9; Miami at Florida State (2:30 on CBS); Purdue at Minnesota (7 on 50); Saturday Night's Main Event (pro wrestling) at 11:30 on NBC.