The season opener of "Magnum, P.I." completes the fall schedule for the three networks, but already CBS is beginning to tinker, moving "Frank's Place" to Monday before "Kate & Allie" and pushing "Everything's Relative" to Saturday. On PBS stations, look for several series openers, including "Nova," returning for the 15th season. Made-for-TV movies this week star Ann Jillian, Susan Lucci and Victoria Principal, all playing women with problems. And in the sports world, baseball playoffs begin, the Capitals get the ice hockey season under way, and the Redskins face St. Louis at RFK today. The networks' NFL games are tentative.


21 JUMP STREET at 7 on 5 and 45


MISTRESS at 9 on CBS St. Louis comes to town to face the Redskins today at 1. WUSA may carry the game, but if it is not sold out, Washington may be blacked out. Watch that space. Fox Television's "21 Jump Street" concludes a two-part episode at 7 dealing with the murder of a 16-year-old drug dealer. The series, filmed in Vancouver, B.C., focuses on a youthful-looking undercover squad. Tonight, the officers infiltrate a high school to find the murderer, who may be a member of the squad itself. After the broadcast, the stations will carry a free 800-number. At 9, ABC's "Dolly" welcomes Whoopi Goldberg, Burt Reynolds and Alabama, while the competition carries made-for-TV movies. NBC's is another "Perry Mason" mystery featuring Ann Jillian as a former madam who is murdered when she attempts to use electronic surveillance to spy on a meeting of financiers planning a multimillion-dollar banking fraud. Vincent Baggetta plays Jillian's husband, with co-stars Ogden Stiers, Tony Geary, Bill Macy, John Rhys-Davies, Daphne Ashbrook and James Noble. CBS' "Mistress" stars Victoria Principal as Rae Colton, a former actress kept in lavish style by a rich contractor (Don Murray) who dies and leaves her bereft. Kerri Keane, Joanna Kearns, Alan Rachins and Guy Boyd all play friends of Colton. Series guests: Claire Trevor, Patrick McGoohan and Juliet Mills on "Murder, She Wrote" (8 on CBS). Note: If you missed the two-hour opener of WDCA's new "Star Trek: The Next Generation," tune in at 6 for a repeat. The 24-show series will air Saturdays at 6 with Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) at the helm of the Enterprise. The huge starship now carries families, and therefore includes schools and shopping centers. At 6:30, Channel 53 offers part two of its 13-part series called "A Better Mousetrap." The series, produced by Virginia Tech, focuses on scientific research. Tonight's program examines research conducted in cars, airplanes, homes and offices to find out what can be done to make life easier between humans and the machines they use. At 10:30, WHMM begins a new season for "Silk Screen," a series focusing on Asian-Americans. Cast additions: Madeline Kahn on "Mr. President," as governess and hostess for state functions now that Sam's wife has left him. MOVIES: "Murder on the Orient Express" (2 on 5); "Spider's Web" (9 on 22/67 and 26); "Network" (12:15 a.m. on 7). SPORTS: NFL games, all tentative; baseball (if affecting a pennant race) at 3 on ABC. MONDAY HAUNTED BY HER PAST at 9 on NBC


OIL at 10 on 22/67 CBS gives "Frank's Place" the 8 p.m. slot and moves "Kate & Allie" to 8:30, where "Everything's Relative" had been scheduled. That show ends up on Saturday. "Newhart" and "Cagney & Lacey" stay in place, and "Designing Women" airs an episode in which decorator Kendall Dobbs reveals that he has AIDS and asks the women to plan a New Orleans jazz-style funeral for him. (HBO subscribers will find the first half of another story about AIDS, "Intimate Contact," at 8, concluding Tuesday. This one stars Claire Bloom and Daniel Massey as a middle-aged married couple.) At 9, Susan Lucci leaves "All My Children" behind for a foray into prime-time, with John James of "Dynasty" as her co-star. In NBC's "Haunted by Her Past," Lucci stars as a devoted but repressed wife who becomes possessed by the century-old spirit of a murderess hanged for killing her lover. Finola Hughes of "General Hospital" co-stars as the seductive spirit; James plays Lucci's lawyer-husband. At 10, Maryland Public Television stations begin "Oil," an eight-part series tracing the evolution of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil, parent of many of today's oil companies. Rockefeller became the world's richest man by exploiting crude from the first oil well ever drilled -- by Col. Edwin Drake, who died a pauper. (WETA schedules "Oil" for Tuesday.) Look for a rerun of "The Story of English," an excellent nine-part PBS series hosted by Robert MacNeil. Part three of "The Health Century" features Dr. Thomas Starzl, director of Transplant Services at Presbyterian-University Hospital of Pittsburgh. Guests: Willard Scott and Edie McClurg on "Valerie's Family" (8:30 on NBC) in an episode highlighting National Fire Prevention Week. MOVIES: "The Lion in Winter" (8 on 20); "Planet of the Apes" (8 on 45). SPORTS: Tentatively, San Francisco at New York Giants (9 on ABC).

TUESDAY NOVA at 8 on 22/67 and 26

INDEPENDENT VIEW at 11 on 26 The 15th season begins at 8 for PBS' "Nova" (on 22/67 and 26) with a look at astronomers' attempts to understand the first supernova observed at close range in nearly four centuries. WETA returns "Independent View" for its second year, a showcase for the works of Washington-area independent producers. Tonight's trio is "She May Be Right," a music video by Ray Schmitt featuring Foggy Bottom, a bluegrass band; Judith Hallett's story of men who make their livings on horseback, "The Buckaroos"; and Tom Goodwin and Joe Wiedenmayer's "From Sea to Shining Sea," the story of community efforts to battle pollution. Cast additions: Lu Leonard as Gertrude on "Jake and the Fatman" (9 on CBS). Guests: Rex Smith on "Houston Knights" (8 on CBS); Robert Reed and Richard Sanders on "The Law and Harry McGraw" (10 on CBS). MOVIES: "Citizen Kane" (1:30 a.m. on 13). SPORTS: National League Championship Series, Game 1 (8:15 on NBC).

WEDNESDAY SAY IT at 7:30 on 56


MAGNUM, P.I. at 9 on CBS

CORRIDOS! at 9 on 26

HEART ATTACKS at 9 on 22/67

THE 'SLAP' MAXWELL STORY at 9:30 on ABC Anne Holtz, 15, of Charles County, Md., hosts a half-hour pilot airing at 7:30 on WNVC (Channel 56) for and by teen-agers. Holtz interviews a teen-ager who kept her baby, the teen's mother, and a registered nurse who specializes in counseling for teens and parents on contraceptives and abortion. The program's field reporters are Lenny Sansanowicz, 17, of Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, and Kirsten Magwood, 14, of The Sheridan School in the District. ABC offers its strong Wednesday line-up tonight, beginning with "Perfect Strangers" at 8. Both it and "The 'Slap' Maxwell Story" place the characters in newspaper offices: Balki and Appleton in the basement at the beginning of their careers, middle-aged Maxwell as a cliche-spouting sportswriter. Up against ABC's new "Hooperman" with John Ritter, CBS begins the last season for "Magnum, P.I." with an hour-long episode that links up with the '86-'87 season ender that encored last week. Wounded and near death, our hero is hospitalized while his mother and friends gather round. PBS' "Discover: The World of Science" returns with a look at relaxation therapy, manatees in Florida, a solar-powered car race in Switzerland and the implantable insulin pump (artificial pancreas) for diabetics invented by Dr. Robert E. Fischell, staff physicist at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Peter Graves hosts for another season. "Heart Attacks," which follows on Maryland Public Television, is not only informative but also includes film of a man experiencing an actual heart attack. WETA offers "Corridos! Tales of Passion and Revolution," starring Linda Ronstadt, Daniel Valdez, Clancy Brown (as journalist John Reed), Alma Martinez and San Francisco Ballet stars Sal Lopez and Evelyn Cisneros offering folk ballads that tell stories of love, war, life and death along the U.S.-Mexican border in the late 19th- and 20th centuries. Luis Valdez wrote and directed the production, which is based on his stage production; Michael Smuin choreographed. SPORTS: National League Championship Series, Game 2 (3 p.m. on NBC); American League Championship Series, Game 1 (8:15 on NBC).


TOUR OF DUTY at 8 on CBS NBC continues its baseball championship series, but not until 8:30 tonight, leaving "The Cosby Show" in place. Last year's top-rated series has to hold the reins tonight for the entire NBC lineup against the competition, notably CBS' hour-long "Tour of Duty." Watch the ratings race: What happens when "Tour," meant to take the male audience away from "Cosby," goes up against baseball and hockey this evening? SPORTS: Capitals vs. Boston Bruins (7:30 on 20); American League Championship Series, Game 2 (8:30 on NBC).



20/20 at 10 on ABC Catherine falls in love with a rich, powerful man on tonight's episode of "Beauty and the Beast," CBS' most unusual series this season, and dream thieves steal the innermost workings of the human mind on ABC's futuristic "Max Headroom." And ABC's "20/20" looks at whether telephone sex messages should be banned. MOVIES: "Zulu" (8 on 45); "Suspicion" (8 on 20); "Dracula" with Louis Jourdan (9 on 22/67). SPORTS: National League Championship Series, Game 3 (8:15 on NBC). SATURDAY WONDERWORKS: "The Fig Tree" at 8 on PBS

WEREWOLF at 8 on 5 and 45 In "The Fig Tree," the season opener for PBS' "WonderWorks," Karron Graves plays Miranda, a 9-year-old Texas girl who has lost her mother and has trouble coping with the idea of death. The Katherine Anne Porter story costars Teresa Wright as Miranda's grandmother and Doris Roberts as her eccentric aunt, Olivia Cole as Aunt Nancy and William Converse-Roberts as Miranda's father. On Fox stations, "Werewolf" continues for a new season, and bounty hunter Alamo Joe Rogan (Lance LeGault), set up in the pilot to be the series' hero, appears in the first half of a two-part episode. At 11:30, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" offers 90 minutes of clips from the '86-87 season including Sigourney Weaver, William Shatner, Chevy Chase, Paul Simon, the Pretenders and Rosanna Arquette. SPORTS: Virginia at Clemson (noon on 7 and 13); American League Championship Series, Game 3 (1 on NBC); Michael Olajide vs. Frank Tate for the IBF middleweight title (4 on NBC); National League Championship Series, Game 4 (8:15 on NBC). CABLE NOTES HOME BOX OFFICE

Claire Bloom and Daniel Massey play a middle-class couple whose lives are shattered when he develops AIDS in HBO's two-part play, "Intimate Contact" (Monday and Tuesday at 8). ESPN

Ice hockey: Montreal Canadiens vs. Philadelphia Flyers, Thursday. TBS

Superstation TBS celebrates the 30th anniversary of "Leave It to Beaver" Sunday by airing the pilot episode of the long-running '50s series. The pilot, which was believed lost, aired first as part of a TV anthology show and featured Paul Sullivan as Wally (Tony Dow later won the role) and Casey Adams as his dad, Ward Cleaver (replaced by Hugh Beaumont). THE DISNEY CHANNEL

Disney begins airing "The Missing Adventures of Ozzie and Harret" on Monday and continuing weeknights at 11 p.m. and Saturdays at 6 p.m. The 100 episodes, not seen since the show left the air in 1966, were selected by David Nelson and his mother from production notes written by Ozzie. Some of the episodes are in color, others in black-and-white, all part of the show's 14 years on television. Also on The Disney Channel: The fourth season of "Danger Bay," back for 22 new episodes, beginning Wednesday. The season opener, filmed in British Columbia, is the story of a lonely child's love for an injured, wild coyote pup. Dawn Mortensen, 8, stars. HOME TEAM SPORTS

Ice hockey: Capitals vs. Chicago Black Hawks, Saturday at 7:30. C-SPAN

Sunday at 9:30 a.m., Sen. Albert Gore (D-Tenn.) and his wife, Mary Elizabeth (Tipper) Gore, will participate in a roundtable interview with the editors of the Los Angeles Times, headed by Washington bureau chief Jack Nelson. Sen. Gore, 39, is the only Vietnam veteran among those seeking the presidential nomination and if elected, would be the youngest man ever to serve as president. Tipper Gore is co-founder of the Washington-based Parents Music Resource Center and the author of Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society.