The entire 1987-88 Redskins season, with the 35-point second quarter in Super Bowl XXII as the crown jewel, will be available at local video outlets Monday for Washington football fans to savor and cherish and pass on to future generations.

"Warpath," a 50-minute highlight tape, was culled from miles of NFL films and includes all the big plays as only NFL Films producer Steve Sabol's cameramen can capture them. It went into production just four days after the Redskins' triumph over the Denver Broncos in San Diego on Jan. 31 -- a record, according to writer-director David Plaut. Last year's videotape took 10 days.

This is Plaut's third championship highlight video. His first, "The Chicago Bears," sold 130,000 copies, an NFL Films record. The Giants' video last year was 10,000 short of that. Even though Washington is a smaller market, NFL Films and Fox Hills Video, which will distribute and market the tape, are hoping for record sales because of the nature of Washington's rabid fans.

Plaut noted that there has never been a quarter to work with such as the Redskins put together in San Diego. "Every game, including the strike game and the losses, are included. The ups and the downs. And that's what makes this the best one I've ever done," Plaut said as he completed the editing. "The story line is much more interesting and human. Other teams were supposed to win -- San Francisco, Chicago and so on -- and so many times the Redskins came from behind."

The $19.95 video includes features on general manager Bobby Beathard, head coach Joe Gibbs, early-season quarterback Jay Schroeder, the offensive line, the counter-gap play, and the story that explains how Charles Mann joined Dexter Manley and Barry Wilburn joined Darrell Green to rank as team standouts.

The major highlight, Doug Williams' climb from back-up quarterback to Super Bowl MVP, "is almost too hokey to be true, but it makes good viewing," Plaut added. "The video also includes a lot of great on-field sound and dressing room footage that the fans have never seen on television."