Kathleen Turner hosts a one-hour special celebrating the legacy of one of Hollywood's most fondly remembered stars, "Myrna Loy: So Nice to Come Home To" (Monday on Turner Network Television at 8).

The retrospective by producer, writer and director Richard Schickel includes clips from Loy's memorable films and some rare newsreel footage. It traces her career from a chorus line at Grauman's Egyptian Theater and early exotic and erotic roles to her eventual plateau as America's perfect wife and mother.

As Schickel wrote: "She stole her way into our hearts over a half-century ago and has graced and informed us ever since. For she is one of those rare people who defined an ideal for us -- in her case, an ideal of womanliness -- without ever compromising her own ideals. Her best weapon was a raised eyebrow -- not a raised voice -- combined with a knowing smile or a disarming laugh. A great lady who never once acted the grande dame. She invited our affection but never demanded it."

Turner noted that she was attracted to Loy because of her wit and the intelligence of her humor. "She underplayed, which was unusual for that era. She was about the first modern woman in terms of intelligent sensuality." She was admired by women and became a symbol of the perfection men longed to come home to.

The premiere will be followed by one of her movies, "Shadow of a Thin Man," at 9. Both shows will encore at 11. The tribute will be repeated Saturday at 8, followed by Loy and Cary Grant in the movie "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer," and again at 11.

Sunday on TBS at 9, National Geographic Explorer takes a look at Thailand's booming snake business. See a man in the exotic snake market suck blood from a snake he believes will improve his general health and well-being. The wide-spread snake-culling has upset the area's ecological balance, and now rats are overrunning the countryside.

Sunday on The Nashville Network at 5:30, the first of five consecutive Firestone Firehawk Endurance Championship races, for sports and touring cars, airs from Sebring International Raceway in Florida. Next week, same time, Grand Sports Class at the same track.

Monday on The Nashville Network at 9, Barbara Mandrell and Jimmy Dean host the two-hour "TNN Music City News Country Awards." Thirteen awards are scheduled for the live show from the Grand Ole Opry House. Encores: Monday night at 12:30; Saturday at 9 p.m. and midnight.

Monday on HBO at 10, Walter Cronkite hosts the informational special, "How to Prevent a Heart Attack," examining some startling facts and findings about heart disease.

Thursday on Bravo at 8, the "South Bank Show" examines the extraordinary life and works of Russian viola player Yuri Bashmet, who is also the youngest professor at the Conservatoire in Moscow. Repeats at 1 a.m.

Thursday on TBS at 8:05, Michael York stars in U.S. debut of "For Those I Love." The four-hour miniseries airs in its entirety. The show is an adaptation of the best-seller by Martin Gray depicting his life as a prisoner at the Nazi war camp in Treblinka, his life in America where he becomes a powerful and wealthy antique dealer, and his move to the south of France, where his wife and their four children tragically perish in a forest fire.