A special salute to "Father Knows Best" comes up today on The Family Channel, with a seven-hour marathon revolving around the popular 1954-60 television show. Family's presentation, called "Father Still Knows Best: A Father's Day Special," runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Television's all-time dad, Robert Young will be there, as will his wife in the series, Jane Wyatt, and their three children, Elinor Donahue (Betty), Billy Gray (Bud) and Lauren Chapin (Kathy).

Seven original segments will be aired. Five of them were selected by the cast members as their favorites from the series, which began on CBS, switched to NBC and then returned to CBS in 1958. The stars will also offer anecdotes about the show and each other. The marathon will incorporate tributes to real-life dads from people from around the country who add a few words about their fathers.

Re-runs of the classic sitcom regularly air on The Family Channel, Monday through Friday at 3 p.m.

Sunday on TBS at 9. One of the National Geographic Explorer segments tells "The Tale of the Pregnant Male." At England's Cambridge University, a zoology student looks into the sexual behavior of seahorses, whose distinguishing characteristics include male pregnancy. Encores Monday and Saturday.

Sunday on C-Span at 7. Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter addresses the American Association of Retired Persons 1990 biennial convention.

Sunday on Arts and Entertainment at 8. "A&E Premieres" shows "Murder By the Book," a 1940 Agatha Christie novel starring Dame Peggy Ashcroft and Ian Holt.

Monday On Bravo at 10. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet performs "The Big Top," an enchanting story of a young girl (Evelyn Hart) who escapes into the fantasy and danger of a circus that comes to her home town. A magical clown saves the day when her folly leads her into a nightmarish adventure.

Thursday on Bravo at 8. A retrospective of the career of Vivienne Westwood, Britain's most controversial fashion designer. This exclusive one-hour "South Bank Show" profile follows Westwood from her scandalous days of punk to her current collection.

Saturday on Showtime at 10. Woody Harrelson, the young bartender of "Cheers," hosts "Showtime Comedy Club All-Stars IV," featuring five outstanding young comics taped before an audience at the Sands Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. The all-stars, chosen from Showtime's weekly "Comedy Club Network" series, are Pam Stone, Jack Coen, Rick Corso, Chas Elstner and Steve Rizzo.

Down The Line: "Bosom Buddies," Tom Hanks's only television series, in which he was paired with Peter Scolari ("Newhart"), has been acquired by USA Network but is not scheduled to be aired until 1992 ... Jon Voight, Jason Robards and and rising British actress Sammi Davis are in the USSR shooting TNT premiere movie "Final Warning," a story about the nuclear accident at Chernobyl.